Apr 23, 2008

Wiwille watches television

I went to a friend's house last night and watched television. She has a DVR so we watched 'How I Met Your Mother' and the latest 'South Park', which was hilarious. J'Sizzle (her term, not mine) is not a movie buff like me so I had to point out some of the references, but at least she realized that they were ripping off a film.

J'Sizzle then tunes to "Shot of Love 2 with Tila Tequila", cause apparently enough wasn't said with the first season. If you haven't seen this show I recommend you thank each and every God real or man made.

For those not well versed in reality television the shows premise is about a group of guys and girls that compete for the affection of the shows star, a bi-sexual dwarf who found fame through the online meat market and pedophile tool we know as MySpace. The audience is introduced to the contestants and Tila comes out in a skimpy outfit to meet them all.

Tila then demands that the guys get in one cage and the girls get in another. She states that they all have to dance and get her hot. The group that wins gets to spend time with Tila in the house while the losers sit in the cage for a while.

Cue the music. The girls started disrobing each other and dancing all hot. The men just hopped around like apes and showed off their newly shaved chests. One guy went so far as to completely disrobe and show off his wee wee. Not surprisingly the women won.

Tila starts meeting the girls who are not as hot as they think they are. Kind of disappointing considering I wanted to at least get to see hot bi-curious women make out, but sadly I saw mildly attractive women fight for the affection of a cartoon character. Not exactly my type.

Finally the men got into the house and things got even more sideways. Two guys wanted to go fisticuffs and got into each others' faces and did a bunch of posturing. No fighting ensued which was unfortunate, cause they were both jackasses and deserved to get their ass beat. The rest of the metro looking guys were about what you'd expect from reality television contestants. All had well coiffed hair, not a follicle to be seen from the neck down, and were as whiny and attention starved as your average pre-schooler.

There was some elimination ceremony where Tila chooses some people to leave the house saying the oh so clever line "your shot at love is over". I don't understand what happened to her shot at love in the first season, but I'm too lazy and suffering from a lack of giving a shit to look it up.

The show ended and I tried to calculate how much my intellect suffered as a result, but sadly I realized any intelligence I may have had before viewing it has been destroyed. I now mourn the days where my brain was a useful tool, because now it might as well be a garden ornament.

"You just have to have faith that it is there........you don’t have to search for love when love has always been searching for you all this time." - Tila Tequila


JLee said...

WHY, wiwille, WHYYY??? haha

I'm all for a good train wreck, but this show is..well, there are no words. I watched part of one episode once and was scarred for life. Although for some strange reason, I watched this promo in it's entirety. I have to go shower now...

whatigotsofar said...

If you want to kill some much needed braincells, sniff gasoline. It's make you just as stupid as watching reality tv, but it gives you a nice buzz too.

SareBeth said...

I watched the first season.
This is my kinda show.. tehehe

Miss Ash said...

I stopped reading when you started to describe the show....sorry!

And I think WIGSF might be sniffing some of that gasoline he was talking about "It's make you just as stupid" tee hee

JLee said...

...so when is the date, Miss Ash? ha

grace said...

I saw a few episodes from the first season, but this second season's concept is retarded. I'm more of an "America's Next Top Model" kind of girl ;)

Wiwille said...

Jlee - Be sure to bring the brillo pad. I had to.

WIGSF - I'll do that instead. Thanks for the tip.

Sarebeth - Why am I not surprised?

Miss Ash - Don't be sorry. I'm sorry for bringing the pain. And BTW how's the date with WIGSF coming?

Grace - I can't see how season one was any better, although I'll be happy to remain ignorant.

Foster Communications said...

Dang that's messed up. I watched like 5 minutes of the first season and it made me feel all dirty inside....