Apr 30, 2008

My reincarnation

My grandmother believes in reincarnation. Even though she has little to no evidence she will swear to you that it's as real as the monitor you're now staring at instead of doing work. She tried to convince me that I was once a gladiator, probably because I took an avid interest in ancient Roman history when I was young.

Still she meant well and tried to instill a value system in me that if one leads a good life today they'll be rewarded in the next. Simpleton philosophy is attractive to the naive and sometimes insecure and there's no convincing her to think otherwise. Her unhappiness in this existence makes her cling to the belief that after she passes on she'll someday enjoy life. I guess it's easier than changing your circumstances.

I want to come back as a cat and would do the below as much as humanly possible.

"Whether or not we believe in survival of consciousness after death, reincarnation, and karma, it has very serious implications for our behavior." - Stanislav Grof


Claire said...



JLee said...

Do you like to wear skirts too? That would definitely scream gladiator...or cross dresser.

That video is funny. Pervy cat. ha

Anonymous said...

There's a really great pussy joke in there somewhere.

Miss Ash said...

Does your grandmother ever run around yelling "don't kill that fly it's uncle sam"?

grace said...

lol, that video is priceless. He really seems to be enjoying himself.

Mizzle said...

You don't have to be a cat...just lucky?

Wiwille said...

Claire - Why thank you.

Jlee - Not much of a skirt wearer, but maybe I'll try it.

WIGSF - Yes there sure is. I just didn't make it.

Miss Ash - No she's not that bad. She just believes humans will reincarnate as humans or some crazy shit like that.

Grace - Yes it's a lucky cat indeed.

Mizzle - Yes you do indeed.

SareBeth said...

I would be a butterfly.. no one suspects the butterfly

Justin said...

More pussy boob love:


elizab said...

Don't you mean "as much as felinely possible" ? :b