Apr 8, 2008

So wrong. So very very wrong.

I think I should have omnipotent powers. Seriously. The world would be way cool if I did. There would be a Disneyland in every town, booze would be served 24x7, and many women would find me the equivalent of George Clooney for reasons they can't understand.

The main reason I need ultimate control of the universe and all it's complexity is population control. There would be so many people that wouldn't exist such as Hitler, Pol-Pot, and Paris Hilton. With a snap of my fingers the world would never know the career of Pauly Shore, Robert McNamara, or Color Me Badd. It would be glorious.

If I had such powers right now the first two people on my list that would leave this blessed Earth would be John and Jennifer Deaves. John Deaves fathered Jennifer 31 years ago and decided to be a deadbeat dad by leaving her and her mother. After three decades of never seeing his child they reunited recently and made amends. They hit it off so well that John left his wife, who's the same age as Jennifer, and a relationship ensued.

No not the conventional father/daughter relationship. They started to date and now have children. Yes they have children. Let that idea sink in folks. She gave birth to her half sister and Jennifer is now her aunt/mother/fucking asshat.

When I heard this on the radio tears of anger started to well up. I tightened my grip on the steering wheel, teeth clenched, muscles pulsing, and I started to shake. This couple must be stopped and I would gladly be the man to do it.

Incest. It's just wrong.

"After I had been there quite a few days I started to notice my feelings were changing and I was seeing him as a man, as a person, who was loving (and) caring," - Jennifer Deaves

Ex-wife slams incest couple


Claire said...

Oh sweet Lord in heaven. Where is the brain bleach when you need it. I'd rather listen to Colour Me Badd for hours than try and wrap my brain around that horrid situation...


whatigotsofar said...

What Wrong In The World #37:
People like that are allowed to breathe and breed.

Miss Ash said...

Bleh, I think I just threw up in my mouth!!

On a sidenote, i'm glad all of those children out in Texas have been taken away from that polygamious car wreck.

SareBeth said...

umm.. Jesus H. Christ on a raft. That's all I have to say about that.

JLee said...

I like your accompanying video to this post! ha
I lived in KY from the time I was 12-16 years old. Two of my classmates were the product of their mother and grandfather. She was beautiful, but her brother did not fare so well and somewhat resembled banjo boy. Completely disgusting and wrong...

Pablo G said...

Ha! Now I know why Lou Dobbs looks like if he was his own mother.

Mattbear said...

I was born in Georgia, as were one of my sisters and one of my nephews. My nephew and I make a lot of "dueling banjos" jokes when the subject is brought up.

Wiwille said...

Claire - I'm with you there.

WIGSF - Exactly why I need said powers.

Miss Ash - It's about time the authorities stepped in on that.

Sarebeth - Well typed.

Jlee - Wow. I hope those kids ended up all right.

Pablog - Now that I look at him I see it. Hehe.

Mattbear - Never been to Georgia. I hear that's a blessing.

Grace said...

I don't want to think about this one for too long... it's wrong on too many levels.

What movie is that clip from? It seems really familiar to me.

Wiwille said...

Grace - It's from Deliverance.

Anonymous said...

Ewwww.. Just ewwwww