Apr 14, 2008

Wiwille asks critical questions

All right this post is kinda gross so if you have a sensitive constitution I suggest you stop reading now.

Lately I've asked a few friends a question that I think is of utmost importance. I learn a lot by quizzing my acquaintances on various topics such as ethics, politics, relationships, etc. I'm sure we all do this to some degree, but some of my inquiries surprise them.

So when you're engaged in carnal acts with or without a partner and you break wind is it appropriate to go ahead and finish? All men said stick it out till the end. Women seem divided though. Although most agree that when having conventional sex that they would go ahead and finish a strong majority feels that when having quality time alone it's appropriate to stop and leave the room. I ask them if they ever lit a candle and just continued, but after much laughter they all denied doing that.

Not that this has ever happened to me. Nope. Never.....ehhh.....

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"My philosophy of dating is to just fart right away." - Jenny McCarthy


whatigotsofar said...

This situation has never occured in my experience. But I'd like to think that if I farted during lovemaking, I would try my best to pretend that I didn't fart.
If my partner farted, as long as it's not a real stinky one, I don't think I'd even notice. You gotta figure, she's moaning and wailing pretty loudly. I wouldn't hear the PFFT or BLAAT. And anything but a nasty paint-peeling odour wouldn't overpower the sweat and other sexual fluids that have their own distinct odours.
I think the more important issue is why you're having sex that is so bland that neither partner is making a sound or working up a sweat.
Let's say you're having quiet, boring sex. If you feel a fart coming on, say something, talk dirty, smack her toosh, raspberry her.
If all else fails, blame it on the dog.
And if you think you're prone to farting during sex, have some scented candles lit even before you start. Why do you think those were even invented? To hide fart smells during sex.

Miss Ash said...

Funny question, I'd probably laugh about it and continue on as long as it wasn't wretched smelling.

Princess Kitten said...

Depends on who you are with and where you are when it happens. I think you know what I mean. If not, basically, if my face is near that area and it happens, not only should they stop, but they better run because I will maim them.

Princess Kitten said...

Oh and alone time... I wouldn't even start if I felt gassy. Doesn't really make me feel sexy, ya know? haha

Justin said...

Shit happens(literally), if i feel it comin.. i better hold it.

I would expect the same.

Wiwille said...

WIGSF - Thank you for outlining appropriate behavior on farting during sex, although you left out what to do without a partner.

Miss Ash - Nothing's cooler than funny sex.

PK - Yes, they should run like hell. As far as feeling gassy for time alone, well I'm a guy. I could have the flu and an ax stuck in my forehead and still be in the mood.

Justin - You're a wise man.

SareBeth said...

..I do believe you asked me this the other day.. I think I something like, "if your alone, it's not like anyone else knew it happened, so keep on, keepin' on"

JLee said...

I'm laughing at WIGSF's lengthy response! haha
I am happy to say I have never experienced this...yet.
*crosses fingers*

Mizzle said...

I take it this was your weekend story? Beats the rest of us downstairs...sunday was the day of hangover. As for the gas thing, that has never happened in my experience.

Foster Communications said...

I like how WIGSF thinks!

Thankfully it's never happened to me! But I gotta say, great sex would be a pretty good distraction to the smell. If it was feeling good enough I probably wouldn't even notice the stench.