Sep 5, 2008

And so it begins

Well the RNC is over and officially the nominees can begin the business of convincing the American people that they're the best choice for the highest office in the land. The convention went exactly as expected, no surprises or disappointments. For the most part it was frighteningly mediocre. There were a few highlights, such as Guilianni's speech which was far better than Warner's.

It's a national convention and both parties just speak to their respective choir. Since there was nothing terribly interesting about the conventions I find the publics' reaction to them as comical at best. Depending on your political slant it's hard to watch the rhetoric objectively. This I do understand. That being said the conversations I hear are just laughable.

The Presidential elections are an exciting time around the ole USA and everyone feels that their opinion on the best candidate should be spread to anyone within earshot, including myself. With the zeal of a religious fanatic I overhear many a person spout their 'wisdom' hoping all will agree with their views that were formed after watching 'The Daily Show', 'Countdown', and/or 'The O'Reilly Factor'.

What's even more funny, or sad, is how angry people get when they hear a view that opposes their own. Like a child who lost a game of tetherball followers of the election are often internally stomping their feet when they over hear a view contrary to their own. We can't have people with diverse thought after all. I mean how dare they have a different opinion?

As to me I don't really have much love, if any, for either candidate, so again I feel like casting a ballot for either would be a dishonest one. If I question Obama's experience or his position on any such issue I'm automatically assumed to be a McCain supporter. If I doubt McCain's politics I'm labeled a whiny Democrat who'll blindly buy anything like some born again Christian. Both of which are untrue.

I live in Washington State, which historically always goes Democrat due to the electoral process. While I'm not happy about how this system is I accept it, partially because I'm disgusted with the Republican party. My only wish this political season is that voters of this state actually pay attention to the local issues. If all these people who worship at the altar of Obama want real change then they should start with their own political homes starting in Olympia. Sadly this won't happen as it's just not cool to talk about Rossi, Gregoire, or a ballot measure. It's easier to praise someone they'll never meet nor even read the platform and get swept away in the glamour of federal elections. Like any religious text everyone has an opinion on the parties' platforms, but sadly I know only a few that has actually taken time out to read and study them. Some will even sink so low as to claim they have when it's obvious they never did.

Most people can't seem to find the time to watch or read anything from the horse's mouth and that's why pundits are so popular. I get that. Sometimes I can be guilty of the same, but what will I learn by listening to people all the time that I already agree with? I guess to some degree it feels all nice and fuzzy to know you're not alone in your thoughts. Also we can't take time from filling our brain with mindless entertainment to focus on the future of our society. Where's the fun in that?

One thing I might add is that Sarah Palin is kinda hot. So is McCain's daughter. If there's one thing I can thank the Republicans for this election is that they sure brought the eye candy. Won't vote for them, but still.....

The video below was one of the most disgusting grabs at using a world wide tragedy for political gain:

"We cannot forever hide the truth about ourselves, from ourselves." - John McCain


Anonymous said...

For a 40 something woman who has plopped out 4 or 5 kids and has spent time working on a fishing boat, I don't think they come much hotter than Sarah Palin. I'd do her.

JLee said...

I know what you mean about people getting so emotional and upset if your opinion differs from theirs. That is why you never see me write about politics on my blog. ha

Big Ben said...

I think you should vote regardless, sit down with the issues and see which candidate you agree with more. I find more people are interested in Palin's kids, McCain's age, Obama's colour then any of the actually issues, it is like the vote for high school president - who has more friends and who is cooler.

Claire said...

I'm finding it hard to wade through all the gossip and hearsay to get to the actual meat of things... but I'm going to persevere!