Sep 11, 2008

Thursday music

My father is a huge Sophia Loren fan. After he bought one of the first line of VCRs he immediately purchased 'Boy on a Dolphin', which has the infamous coming out of the water scene. I sat through many a bad film only because she starred in it, but 'Boy on a Dolphin', which was a mediocre movie at best, was watched so much I could recite dialogue on cue.

My folks had an album called 'Love Italian Style', which was a compilation of Mediterranean singers belting out various love songs. My mom being the good Italian she is listened to it over and over again and I was subjected to it so much that I could recite the lyrics without skipping a beat.

Many years have passed since I've heard those songs, but I had a recent incident where the consumption of said music embarrassed me. I was walking through Trader Joe's loading up my grocery cart when all of a sudden Sophia Loren's 'Soldi Soldi Soldi' came blaring over the speakers. Ye gods I haven't heard this in probably twenty years, but yet I knew all the lyrics regardless of it being sung in a foreign language. It sounded exactly like I remember it from my mother's album. I looked to my right and noticed a girl eyeballing me with a smirk. Dressed in attire normally reserved for hippies that do shower she tilted her head and had a curious look.

Oh my god I was lip synching. This girl's laughing at me. Damn.

Oh well. Might as well go with it. I started shaking my hips and pointed at her while lip synching 'cha cha cha'. She finally started laughing out loud at the little display I was giving. I like keeping my audience riveted. The psuedo hippie chick thanked me for the show. She didn't tip though. Cheap hippie.

So today folks I bring you Sophia Loren's 'Soldi Soldi Soldi':

"Sex is like washing your face - just something you do because you have to. Sex without love is absolutely ridiculous. Sex follows love, it never precedes it." - Sophia Loren


JLee said...

She is still a beautiful woman. Loved her in "Grumpy Old Men". I am the same way with growing up to Englebert Humperdink songs. I probably know all the words to his songs. haha

Miss Ash said...

Aw I can't get the youtube video to work. I'll do a search for it :)

elizab said...

OMG I wish I had been at Trader Joe's to witness that!