Sep 25, 2008

Thursday Music

Popular in the 80s, the keytar hasn't seen much in the way of modern music anymore. Normally associate with bands that sucked hard, it's become a staple of the decade as much as parachute pants and the Pogo Ball. I'm not really sure what the point of the invention or use of the keytar was. It just looks impractical as using both hands on the keyboard would seem to make a more harmonious sound, but then again this is modern music I'm talking about and quality is not the most important thing in that industry.

Still it's fun to look back at the music of the 80s that utilized this bizarre instrument and the mullet strewn 'musicians' that felt it would make the best sound. That being said I've never seen a keytard played like the woman below, who felt it was a great idea to straddle the thing while fingering the keys.

Words. They do fail me.

Thank you Rusted Violin for showing me this...I think.

"Every time I use the Keytar on the show, I get many questions and comments. As a keyboard player, I've been struggling for years with a means to rock with the rest of the band. The Keytar fills this need." - Jeff Babko


Kelli said...

Okay ... this reminds me of Revenge of the Nerds and the dude with his electric violin. It's like the electronic version of the Indian sitar. As for straddling it ... she is like the precursor of the modern aged string quartet known as Bond. Half naked chicks playing classical music hyped up on methamphetamines.

Don't get me wrong ... I own their cds ... they are awesome. I'm sure the guys will agree ... but not for the same reason as me!

JLee said... you have to wear some bikini type outfit to play them? haha

Rusted Violin said...

I would like to thank eastern european culture for this gem of a video provided for our entertainment.

Miss Ash said...

Oh my!!

grace said...

Wow. Ummm... she's got talent there.

Big Ben said...

That is an amazing video. I love that she is constantly smiling. The giant yellow panties are great too!