Sep 9, 2008

Men want honor, are dirty liars

I have many female friends who often complain about the lack of honor amongst men. I become a captive audience to hearing a lecture regarding how those with a penis are only interested in getting some action. Really their moaning is not unfounded as I know many men who will say or do anything just to get a lady naked.

No I will not mention any names.

Recently a study was conducted where men were polled all over the western world regarding their attitudes towards sex and masculinity. According to the results men overwhelmingly held virtues such as honor and respect in higher regards then the amount of women they sleep with.

While this may come as a surprise to most I'm actually not at all shocked by this. Seriously. I know I write about boobs a little, okay a lot, but doing the right thing by the people close to me trumps all. Maybe this is why I'm not getting any. Well I'm sure there are a number of other factors.

I think most men would agree with me in all honesty. There was a time I was once adored and most feelings of carnal lust were set aside for just those moments where I got the opportunity to show my appreciation for it. Those days are over. but I'm okay with that. Proper health, career, and family life will always be the things I work the hardest for from here on out. Still I....

....awe who am I kidding. I like boobs.

"Just two per cent put a satisfying sex life as their top priority." - The Journal of Sexual Medicine


Anonymous said...

Women are no different. They like being hunted as much as men like hunting.

And honour and respect? Bah! Ever see a woman's face after she's been turned down for a booty call because her FB wanted to spend some time with his real girlfriend instead? Honour and respect are only for those who deserve it. And sorry ladies, not all of you deserve it. Some women get tossed around from guy to guy and rightly so. They haven't the honour and respect for anybody, therefore they shouldn't get any in return.

JLee said...

I don't think men have less honor, I think they are just less emotional about sex in general. I work with someone who is happily married and has sex pretty often, yet wants a "friend" on the side, which I find hard to understand. Not that women don't do that, but they are often looking to leave a relationship as opposed to having both.

Anonymous said...

You "like" boobs? I think it's a BIT more than LIKE

Mattbear said...

While I was away at The Big Party In The Desert Where They Set Fire To Stuff, I was at a camp where soul music was being played and was shaking it to some James Brown. A very attractive and much younger woman started dancing with me. When my friends decided to leave, I went with them even though the young woman was trying to get me to stay with her.

It took all the restraint I had, but I went with my friends (who might have actually needed me, in a way). Not all of us men will do "anything" to get some. Some of us are stand-up guys.

@Princess Kitten: We have a term for guys who just "like" boobs. It's called "closet case".