Sep 18, 2008

Thursday music

The music industry has made a killing off the broken hearted by releasing music reminding the recently scorned of how much their life sucks. Whiny songs ranging from simple ballads to angry vocalists are normally huge hits and get a serious amount of radio play.

People who admire themselves as music snobs, but won't listen to a song produced before 1987, will constantly remind you what the greatest break up song they feel is. Delving deep in into their music library they'll throw out any number of tunes that include some pop star wailing about how they feel some sort of pain.

Well since I'm an extremley opinionated yutz I bring you not one, but two songs I listen to when my personal life is in the toilet. Yes a double dose of music from Erik's Ramblings, cause after all I'm a giver.

"What's the message in Metallica? There is no message, but if there was a message, it really should be look within yourself, don't listen to me, don't listen to James, don't listen to anybody, look within yourself for the answers." - Lars Ulrich


JLee said...

Metallica always make me sad and contemplative. My brother had it playing in the car when we were all driving through the desert (Phoenix) after visiting my mom in the hospital when she was dying of cancer. I especially remember "Nothing Else Matters" and almost cry every time I hear it.

Claire said...

Oh man, I had such a Metallica phase growing up. And 'Enter Sandman' is still one of my favourite mosh pit songs ever!


Big Ben said...

I had never actually heard the non-radio version of the second song. I liked it. (I can't beleive he wasted a pizza).

Puts me in a bad mood though, stupid ho.

Miss Ash said...

I love Metallica!! My friends speakers are not working so I have no idea what songs these are :(