Sep 12, 2008

Wiwille needs assistance

Halloween is my favoritest holiday in the whole wide world. Yes I said favoritest. What other holiday can you dress up as anything you want (assuming it won't lead to an arrest), get lots and lots of candy, and stare at women who feel the Hallmark holiday has really brought out their inner whore?

There's just so much to love about bobbing for apples and drinking heavily while wearing some ridiculous costume. So happy am I about this years Halloween that I will once again dress up in an overpriced costume.

Seeing as democracy rules here on Erik's Ramblings I've decided to put my costume ideas to a vote. Yes you can decide the attire for Wiwille. Listed below are the choices. In the event of a tie I'll choose three regulars to decide the fate of my All Saints' Day.

1: The Boondock Saints: This will be difficult as I would need someone who a) looks like me (the poor bastard), b) is willing to do this, and c) is comfortable trying to explain what the costume is about all night. Still I think it's way cool.

2: Ken from Streetfighter: Quoc and I used to spend hours playing Streetfigher 2 and Ken was always my favorite character. I think Quoc needs to dress up as Guile this year. The wife can go as ChunLi and the kid could go as Cammy.

3: Han Solo: Years ago a group of friends were sitting around arguing about which Star Wars character we would be. They decided I would be Han Solo which is pretty cool. I don't think Andrew was happy that it was unanimous the we thought he was C3PO.

4: Bobba Fett: In the previously mentioned conversation Ryon wanted to be Bobba Fett. No one would let him.
5: Popeye: It would give me an excuse to mumble and smoke a pipe.
6: Boob man: This would probably be more appropriate for WIGSF or Big Ben. Still I think it's kind of funny.
7. Stewie: Victory is mine.

8. Spartan: This would only be cool if I could kick someone down a well.
9. Spartan without the fake muscles: I better hit the gym more.

10. Phoenix: A Facebook friend stated I should go as herself. If she provides the outfit I'll do it.
11. Superman: Kellie thought this would be a good idea. I'm not so sure.
12. My former roommate Tad: Too bad I'm not Korean.
There you have it folks. Your vote counts here so make sure it's a wise decision.
"There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world." - Jean Baudrillard


kristina said...

Well, the Boondock Saints look really sexy ;-) Although I have absolutely no idea who they are...but if you can't find another guy to do it with you, then my second choice is Stewie! :)

Mattbear said...

Boondock Saints if you can find a "brother". If not, Ken from Street Fighter. I have no love for Street Fighter, but I so want to see you with a mullet.

Kelli said...

The Boondock Saints ... cause that is one of THE best movies EVER!!!! If you can't find a partner ... then definitely Bobba Fett-- cause after The Saints, nothin' is cooler than an intergalactic bounty hunter.

Anonymous said...

Popeye. You've totally got the chin for it.

Anonymous said...

#9 is hot ;-)

Ale loves you!!!

JLee said...

It's funny, I was just about to do a post like this since I've been thinking about ordering a costume soon. Last year I did and everyone helped me choose a good one. I think Boondock Saints is too obscure (I don't know what it is...ha) so I'd go with Han Solo or a Spartan (with or without fake

elizab said...

While honestly I believe that any true lover of Halloween shuns pre-made costumes in favour of creating their own, if you absolutely must purchase someone else's idea, I vote Han Solo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm not sure I'm crazy about any of them, but I vote Boondock Saints because it's a cool movie and SPF is hot.

Anonymous said...
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mungsprout said...

I actually like the Popeye costume. Plus isnt everyone mumbling by the end of the night? But Spartan would be cool, if youre pressed for time then I voted for the fake muscles ;)

Anonymous said...

Boondock Saints of course, my friend. However, if you can't find a partner for that one, a twist on the 300 spartan outfit would be awesome: do the costume without muscles, wear a fake belly under the red cloak, and be "the retired spartan" or "the spartan that didn't make the cut". Then you can carry a 6 pack of beer around all night shouting belligerantly, "I've got a six pack RIGHT HERE for ya!" in a really bad Sopranos accent. Just a thought. -E

Mizzle said...

Boondock is my vote.

Claire said...

Mmmm, tough call. I'd say either Han Solo or Stewie. And thanks for reminding me - I need to go think of a costume!


DJ Launchpad said...

I'd have to vote for Boondock Saints. it just seems to fit you oh so well.

But past that, i'd go Popeye, just because the mumbling will happen sooner if not later and my as well have the pipe ready :P


sitsinfrontofyou said...

The nerd in me is just screaming, "HAN SOLO" but then who would be Princess Lea (gold bikini comment here)?