Sep 30, 2008

Where has Wiwille been?

Hangovers. However painful they may be they are a good reminder that I need to drink more responsibly. I usually don't get them, but from time to time they happen and learn from them I do.

Saturday night I made my way up to Bellingham for Tracy's birthday. The girls dressed up all nice, including the cute Maddi who decided to wear her Disney princess dress. Must be nice being a toddler, cause I really wanted to wear a GI Joe outfit.

Dinner was good as I split a bottle of wine with Corey. I think the waitress thought we were gay as we were the only guys there not present with a girl and we were sharing vino. We were also wearing similar shirts.

After dinner we made our way to an Irish pub and I drank like I was 18. Car bombs, numerous pints of Guinness and Nut Brown Ale, shots, etc were flowing into my belly with reckless abandon. I was like a sixteen year old with keys to the parent's Porches. Drinks kept flowing and I kept consuming them. The evening was a lot of fun, but surreal as I had an interesting conversation with an ex sniper, a girl who wanted to feel my chest hair (don't ask), and I engaged in a political debate with someone who felt Sarah Palin was qualified to be in the White House.

The next morning I woke up at Elli's to Corey and Tracy chatting in the early hours and I felt like someone dropped a VW on my skull. Seriously for a few minutes I was wondering if I got into a fight that night. I went to the bathroom and didn't see any signs of a physical confrontation so I assumed correctly that I really over exerted myself in the art of binge drinking.

Okay, this next part gets kind of gross. Stop reading if you're constitution is sensitive.

I was feeling particularly gassy that morning so instead of subjecting Corey, Tracy, and Elli to my almost inhuman flatulence I decided to step out of the house. I was in front of Elli and Friends' home when I let one off that was almost a world record. I could of sworn pilots were feeling the vibrations. I turned around to see a lady walking her dog. She stopped and stared at me for a moment and decided to walk across the street. She turned to look at me and gave me a wave. I probably looked like death. I gave one back then decided to enter the house. Love to keep up the neighborhood relations on the positive for my friends.

I spent most of Sunday sleeping and drinking as much water as I could. Watched a few movies with the folks and was for the most part useless.

I decided to stay in Bellingham for a few more days, but when I do I feel unplugged as my folks don't have internet or cable. I learned about the stock market plunge via text message from Corey. I seem to be hearing a lot of bad news from that method lately.

Without any access to blogs, email, and news I felt a relief. It was nice just to chill and not be connected. So far it's been a good vacation.

Thursday I hop a plane. Details will come after I get there.

"A real hangover is nothing to try out family remedies on. The only cure for a real hangover is death." - Robert Benchley


Claire said...

And again, I thank the moon and stars for my lack of hangovers so far!


Anonymous said...

That fart, that was you??? Sunday morning, I heard that. Okay, it was like a bit after lunch in my timezone, but still. That thing was loud man. I thought a train crashed into the side of a mountain or something. Damn. How did that not deafen you?

JLee said...

I'm laughing at the lady waving at you! hahaha Kind of like "nice job, asshole" lol
I love the quote. So true.

Kelli said...

Glad to see that I'm not the only one that drinks with reckless abandon. I should share my tips for not getting a hangover ... but ... I enjoy your "after drunk" commentary too much.

Anonymous said...

I am so very thankful I was not around to witness the aftermath, as much as I love it when you are wasted and in a politcal debate!

Have fun!

Miss Ash said...

I was laughing so hard at the fart part of your story....good job!! Thanks for the giggle, I needed it :)

grace said...

Lack of internet usually stresses me out, although I'm not too sure why that is.