Jan 18, 2009

Are you ready?

The Arizona Cardinals are the NFC Champions. Yes football fans the team who has not seen any sort of championship in over sixty years are heading to the Super Bowl. Having a lackluster season they somehow timed it perfectly to play at the most watched event on television, similar to my fantasy football teams' year.

Not only that, but Friday Night Lights is back on NBC where it belongs. You don't care, because you're more interested in cruel reality television and masturbating to gay porn, but as one of the three viewers I recommend it highly.

Football...I love it so.

The Super Bowl is coming and for a lot it's the only NFL game they'll sit through from beginning to end all year. If you're a Seahwaks fan it's just as well. The sporting community in the northwest has had a difficult year with almost every major team sucking hard. The Storm seemed to have some success, but no one cares about womens' basketball even though they play harder defense than the NBA.

I want the NFL cheerleaders playing a game of football. The players can cheer them on the sidelines. I'd watch it.

Speaking of things that result in high testosterone I'm curious about how I'm going to take going bald. I just hope I go gracefully. I may end up looking like this guy though.

Or maybe I could go with a nice comb over. That would be the hottness.

"We're all born bald baby" - Telly Savalas


Anonymous said...

The Cardinals got hot at the right time. Their defense just suddenly got good.

And baldness sucks. I'm thankful everyday that I will always have a full head of hair. My family, we're all hairy. I think I'm related to Cousin It.

JLee said...

There is a lingerie bowl isn't there? I don't think they have any football players cheering them though. lol

Mattbear said...

Baldness is awesome once you get used to it.

The one thing you don't realize until you go bald is, how much of a "warning system" your hair is to prevent you from hitting your head. If you're going to bump your head on something, the hair hits it, you feel it, and if you can react quick enough, you save yourself a bump.

Kelli said...

Men who embrace their baldness are sexy. They have a level of confidence that men with a full head of hair can only hope to obtain. Even ole Kojak has an air of sexiness because he is comfortable in his own skin.

Miss Ash said...

Whatever you do dude....do not do the comb over!! Seriously, it should be banned!!

I kinda dig bald guys..

Mattbear said...

Soooo...ladies...How you doin?