Jan 11, 2009

Wiwille pisses people off

"You really think this issue is that black and white," I asked? "Is Israel this big bad old occupying power and Hamas is the moral equivalent of our romanticised revolutionary fathers?"

"Oh," she replied. "Fuck off."

Her MSN status quickly changed to 'offline'. I haven't heard from her since.

An acquaintance of mine read a post I did a few days back regarding the current crisis in Gaza. She decided to inform me about what I should know about the situation. The girl sent me an article about a few facts concerning the occupation in an article entitled 'Things You Don't Know about Israel' or something to that effect. She claimed it would end my support of 'evil'.

I read through the article and realized anyone who listens to NPR for an hour would know all of this. Plus the reporter failed to mention many things about the current strikes such as where the rockets are placed, how Hamas is putting their own citizens in harms way, and neglected to offer any sort of reasonable response to the rocket attacks.

She did not take my analysis of the article well and called me a mindless simpleton who doesn't know anything about the region.

Oh it's on.

She went on to make the various claims about her wisdom regarding Palestine and how it's nothing but a US outpost and we're supporting genocide. When I questioned her about what she felt about the British Accord shortly after WWI, the deal Barak tried to make with Arafat, or even where exactly the Golan Heights are it was clear her education was limited to Daily Show excerpts and sound byte journalism.

She was not happy when I told her she may want to read more about the conflict. I recommended some books and documentaries, but she got more pissed off. The girl fancies herself politically savvy and will stand on any soap box declaring herself such, but when challenged on anything she gets a thin skin and takes it personally. I should've known better than to try and help her get a better understanding of one of the most complex issues in history.

"Most wars are all about religion," she said. "All of you the bible thumpers are responsible for this."

"Wait," I said. "Which wars?"

"Duh," she typed. "The Crusades."

"Okay," I replied. "What exactly started the Crusades? Actually do you know who exactly the European powers were fighting? Name a few names. I dare you."

Most people make the claim that every war is all about some leaders who seem to have some sort of faith, yet struggle to mention any other besides the infamous Crusades. Considerng there have been thousands of wars all through out history it's a bold statement at best. I pressed her on that issue and she just unloaded on me getting very defensive.

I should've known better as she's prone to this kind of behavior before. I've been referred to as arrogant when speaking in matters of history and politics and maybe I come off as such, but I'm no more educated than most. I have no degrees in the topics. I just read and learn on my own accord. It's a hobby with no more importance than someone who follows sports or Star Trek. I'm wrong a lot of the times in my conclusions as new evidence comes to light constantly.

I apologized for coming off as condescending, but she promised never to read my 'stupid blog' again and continued with the 'I just think....' statements about Gaza. She accused me of supporting genocide which was really low. In fact she seems unclear as to what my position on the topic really is. Doesn't matter though as she made it obvious I won't be hearing from her again.

I should've just let it go from the very beginning, read the article, and thanked her. My behavior did no one any good. People want to make the situation seem black and white. It's easier for them to make sense of and the romantic in all of us wants to pull for freedom fighters battling against the forces of tyranny. I envy that thinking when it comes to the Middle East.

"The truth about Hamas and Islamic Jihad is that they don't prevent Israel from existing or even flourishing, they prevent Palestine from coming into existence." - Michael Medved



Anonymous said...

I've never understood exactly what is going on over there. How much you wanna bet the people over there don't even know the whole story?

I say, drop some nuclear bombs on the whole place. Won't take that many. It's a rather small piece of land. And who ever is willing to live in the nuclear crater can keep it.

dater x said...

When it comes to politically charged topics, there are a lot of people who get really sensitive about the issue. I know that while I was in college, I would get really sensitive and take things personally when people would take an opposing viewpoint. But that was in my collegiate idealistic phase. ha ha I have learned to take things in from all aspects.

Mattbear said...

I find myself wondering just who this was.

My view is that every war is actually about economics. When it comes down to it, it's really about territory, taxes, money, and the spoils of war. Including "The Crusades" which were really just a land and gold grab by the Catholic Church.

So, in my view, no war is "about" religion. Many wars "involve" religion, however, and you can add to "The Crusades":

Crimean War

Six-Day War (which really is what the present Palestinian fighting is still about)

Beirut (throughout the 70s and 80s)

The French Revolution (search "dechristianisation of france during french revolution")

Chinese Civil War (state mandated athiesm)

Bolshevik Revolution (ditto)

Spanish Civil War (Protestant vs. Catholic)

The Irish "Troubles" (ditto)

War of the League of Cambrai (war by Papal mandate)

The "Reconquista" (Catholics v. Muslims)

The conquest of every nation that is currently under Islamic theologic rule

...and many, many others.

This bellicose and verbose reply brought to you by Mattbear, making replies longer than the original post since 1999.

Miss Ash said...

It's too bad that we let our egos/opinions get in the way of a good discussion. Why can't people just agree to disagree and move on. Instead we want others to understand and take on what we say as their truth, if they don't we shut them out. (IE she's never reading your blog again) It's childish.

Pablo G said...

I am the Great Cornholio, she can be TP for my bunghole

Kelli said...

I agree that one shouldn't take such discussions to heart (personally) ... yes, she handled the conversation poorly. However, it seems to me, you take personal pride in extracting this response from her. I have to say it ... you should have taken the high road, letting your love of being right & superior fall to the wayside.

WV: guirella-- female Dominican percussion instrument player.

JLee said...

I don't know enough about the situation specifically to comment, but I do hate when people speak so forcefully when they're not fully informed about a subject.

Mang said...

i just wanted to share that the word verification that ironically came up...


regarding whats going on... why is this war our problem again? its been going on since.. forever.. and we can fix it just like Iraq? pshh . My opinion, stay the fuck-out and let their own dumb asses figure it out.