Jan 22, 2009

Thursday Music

There are many songs that you associate with people and events. As music has become more and more part of our daily lives and we are bombarded with it everywhere we go music lovers tend to be reminded of things when they listen to a specific tune.

I'm no different. Years ago after an evening of partaking in substances that shall go unnamed a few friends of mine where driving along Mt Baker highway. We were all quiet watching the sun come up and enjoying the blissful state of silence. Then suddenly the car stereo blares out the first few chords of the Violent Femmes 'Blister in the Sun'. Without saying a word we all sat with our heads leaned up against the vehicles windows until the time the vocals kicked in. We all sang along. It was our 'Almost Famous' moment, one I'll never forget.

Yesterday a friend told me she heard When in Rome's 'The Promise' and she thought of me. So today folks I bring you that.

"When in Rome, do as you done in Milledgeville." - Flannery O'Connor


JLee said...

Awww...."The Promise" was a song I associated with a boyfriend I had many years ago. For years it was so painful to hear it! We both would think of each other when we heard it. Years later, I met the guys who wrote it and they knew him! (They're all English)

Kelli said...

Good song. I have some memories associated with this song as well.

Mattbear said...

Good lord. I would hope that if anyone thought of me when they heard that song, their thoughts would be of me flying into a blind rage and trying to destroy whatever device was playing that song.

But that's just me. I've been accused of being intolerant, and unromantic.

Anonymous said...

i think the first time i heard this i was 6, oh i remember it like it was yesterday, i was sitting in the back of the hatchback with my parents chain smoking in the front seat.... damn secondhand smoke thats what it reminds me of.