Jan 15, 2009

Thursday Music

Long time readers may remember a post where I mentioned music during weddings that I photographed. Couples would often play what they considered to be their songs. Some were sweet, but most were so gut wrenching.

When I first started being an assistant at a studio many young couples used that horrid Bryan Adams ballad 'Everything I do I do it for You'. It was insanely popular especially considering the Robin Hood film, which featured the tune on it's soundtrack, was a mega it. Couples all over declared it their song and many walked down the aisle or danced their first dance to it.

As we know pop music trends change at the drop of a hat and soon couples were declaring their choice for songs like 'I Swear', 'How do I Live Without You', and 'My Heart Will Go On'. What's funny is that each couple felt like they were being so original and that no other bride and groom would ever consider using an over played top 40 song.

Well taking a trip down memory lane I was reminded of songs that were declared as 'our songs' in previous relationships. Often I hang my head in shame when I think of some of the music I agreed to be forever associated with our courtship. Take a click below, listen to the sugary goodness, and you'll understand why I shudder.

Oh the horror.

"There's a saying, 'It's easy to write songs, but very difficult to write great songs.' I'm going through that right now." - Bryan Adams


Anonymous said...

My brother (who got married last September) did some original things with the music at his wedding.
For his first dance with his wife, the DJ played a song my brother recorded specifically for the event.
The next dance (with all the bridesmaid and ushers) was a song by a prog instrumental group called Tortoise.
Then my brother took the stage with a guitar and played a re-worked version of Jack and Diane with new lyrics.
I think that's about as original as you'll get at a wedding these days.

Kelli said...

It seems that most people realize that a song, especially a top 40 hit, is enjoyed by the masses. But the difference for them, individually, is it denotes a special moment in their relationship.

My first date with my husband is a great example. We went out for drinks just to hang out and talk ... the place closed at 2 a.m. and we ended up talking until 3 a.m in the parking lot. During that last hour a song came on the radio and we ended up dancing to it. It will forever be "our song".

In case you are wondering it was George Strait's "Carrying your love with me" ... which was wildly popular ... but none-the-less, special to us.

Maybe when you find the right girl it won't matter if it's hokey or sugar laden ... it'll be special because it's special to your relationship.

Miss Ash said...

I've never had a song with a partner....

As for weddings, I know I know it's overplayed but I really do love "As Last" I'm sure you've heard it a million times.

I also love Cinderella and at my sisters wedding we danced to a song from that movie. It was cute!

Big Ben said...

The worst part is that I was singing along to that Boyz song!

I used a Canadian county music song as my wedding song.

JLee said...

I'm not ashamed to say that I have never heard that song before. ha

Claire said...

Boyz II Men? How awesomely 90s....love it.

I tend to go for quirkier picks...for exaple, I'd say the closest my boyfriend and I have as a "song" is 'You make it easy' by Air...it just reminds me of him, and some lovely times we've had. Most of my friends are musos, so they'd know the track, but it's not hugely well known.

Now, however, I have that Boyz song stuck in my head!