Jun 2, 2009

Child care with Wiwille

My nephew's birthday was yesterday so I got to spend some time playing with the him and his brother. After a meal at the sometimes obnoxious Rainforrest Cafe we took a trek to the Family Fun Center, a happy little place with video games, lazer tag, go-karts, etc. The boys were immediatley excited upon entering the establishment.

Gabe, the oldest, was wandering around wondering which game he should play. Some random girl asked him to play air hockey with him. He got a big smile on his face and was happy to oblige her.

My nephew grabbed the device and was ready to play a game. He served the puck to the girl, who immediatley responded with a much quicker strike. It was evident that she had a better arm than Gabe. I watch them play as I see the girl make point after point. He really needs to work on his coordination for that little one schooled him 7-1.

Even after I reminded him that he lost to a girl he seemed to take it well. I think he was just happy about the attention he got from a female. She kept trash talking him in elementary fashion throughout the game, but he didn't really respond. The boy needs some verbal as well as coordination practice. It was cute though.

We got wet on the bumper boats, played some mini-golf (no one got injured this time), and played some skee ball. They have this light rifle shooting gallery that the boys were excited to play as was I. I held the rifle and started shooting the targets. Each had their own animatronic display for each succesful shot, but they had one catch. I aimed at a crow on top of a pizzeria and fired. The crow shot water at me.

Corban then shot at an ice cream truck which in turn rewarded him with some water. He wasn't happy about this, so I as the ever so mature adult decided to shoot it. It sprayed him again. I spent the rest of my rounds on that target.

After the gifts and spending a small fortune at this place my nephew decided it was the 'bestest birthday ever'. Good times were had by all.

"A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age." - Robert Frost


Claire said...

Why has no-one told me about bumper boats before? WHY???


wigsf said...

Gabe lost on purpose to the young lady, didn't he? You've got yourself a ladies man in the making there.

JLee said...

That's the fun thing about having kids and/or nephews. You can have an excuse to go play these fun games and act like a kid! lol