Jun 22, 2009

Travels with Wiwille

I don't understand the appeal of the PT Cruisers. To me they're one of the greatest eye sores on the road. I'm usually indifferent to the type of vehicles people choose to own, but for some reason I look at one and I imagine the person driving it to be the most miserable jackass. I think of them as the kind of person who still wears fanny packs and wakes up their neighbors at all hours of the night blaring the Starlight Vocal Band.

I was driving north bound on 405 when my eyes came across an abomination of motor vehicles. I honestly thought if Henry Ford could time travel into the future and saw this PT Cruiser he would go back and destroy any attempt to create any more cars. It would be his mission in life to ensure the horseless carriage would go the way of the Furby.

This was no ordinary PT Cruiser. It was painted like a cow, white with black spots, and had a rubber utter hanging from the license plate cover. To top it off the car had a vanity plate with the phrase 'Cow 54'.

I'm not kidding.

I know good people who drive PT Cruisers and I understand my prejudice against them is often unfounded, but times like those remind me that stereotypes are often based on truths.

"Ownership of a PT Cruiser is usually a sign of poor brain development." - Uncyclopedia


Mizzle said...

You remember a collegue has one, right?

wigsf said...

That's better than the car balls.

Kelli said...

Ughh... truck nuts... don't get me started.

Come on, you have to admit "Cow 54" is cute and clever. I can hear it now... "Cow 54, where aaaaaare yooooou? MOOOOOOOOOOO"

Miss Ash said...

Ha! My post today is about people and the shit they do to their cars but certainly nothing this extreme. Who does this???

Claire said...

I saw balls on a car the other day. WRONG.


JLee said...

Hey, I have one. Not really. ha