Jun 10, 2009


Yesterday I was attempting to browse the internet for a little heard of sitcom that may have lasted a season, but sadly I did not have enough details to locate the title, much less any other information. Even after recruiting assistance I could not find anything. I'm not sure if I failed the internet or if it failed me. Probably the former.

My quest to find this obscure program did lead me to sites dedicated to various sitcoms I completley forgot about, and most with good reason. When we normally think of a situation comedy immediatley the great ones spring to mind, such as the Honeymooners, Mash, Cheers, etc. But for every Sports Night there's a dozen or so bad to terrible shows that are sprung on the public by networks who should know better. This post is about some of those sitcoms of which I had the misfortune to lay eyes on.

1. Out of this World - Like many on this list I'm not sure how this became a show. The premise of a girl who has a deadbeat Dad is kind of strange, but in this story the absantee patriarch happens to be an alien. The teenager is gifted with all sorts of powers, such as the ability to freeze time and what not. Still as a youngster I thought she was cute and wanted her abilities, but even when my aesthetics weren't finely tuned I found this tripe to be without any humor.

2. The Charmings - Snow White and Prince Charming find themselves in modern day Southern California for reasons I won't get into. A basic fish out of water premise, this show from the outset seemed to be doomed, but yet it lasted as long as the original Star Trek series. Think about that.

3. Full House - It's hard to think of a show that's less funny than this one, but the admittley cute baby helped make this show a massive hit. Sure it's not offensive or even that insulting, but still it's in no way funny and it helped the career of John Stamos.

4. Small Wonder - An engineer decides to make a robot, but instead of creating a Rosie-like contraption he decided to make a little girl for his family. The monotone, expressionless android sets up situations that are supposed to be filled with hilarity, but sadly it was just creepy. The family wanted to keep her a secret for reasons I can't recall nor wish to.

5. My Two Dads - Two men that were sleeping with the same woman, who sadly passed away, decided to raise her child in an Odd Couple like fashion. Paternity tests are the way of the devil after all.

6. After M*A*S*H - Not all spinoffs are a great success, nor even a good idea. The second spinoff to the long running show about a mobile surgical army in Korea was a flop by all accounts. Lacking the characters and script that made M*A*S*H a classic this attempt to recreate it's predecessors charm failed to reach an audience and was swiftly cancelled.

7. Hey Dude! - Okay I watched it for Christine Taylor. I make no apologies for it.

8. The Nanny - This character rivals Urkel as being one of the most annoying in the history of television.

"Silly sitcoms are designed to attract juveniles of all ages." - John J. O'Connor


wigsf said...

I knew you'd put My Two Dads on this list. For some reason, I just knew.

When discussing great sitcoms, the same shows always get mentioned (Seinfeld, All in the Family, M*A*S*H etc...). I thought I'd take this opportunity to list off some of great but forgotten sitcoms.
- Newsradio
- Grounded For Life
- Three's Company
- Boy Meets World
(Well, you might disagree, but I love those shows.)

Miss Ash said...

Yay I love some of these shows, especially Small Wonder! Can you believe I never watched MASH ever (Somehow I bet you can Ha!)

I also loved Mr. Belevedere (sp?)

Describe the show you were looking for, someone out here might know what it is.

Kelli said...

I never missed "Out of this World" nor "Hey, Dude!"... I really liked "Small Wonder" and "My Two Dads"-- the judge cracked me up.

As for great shows... the Golden Girls is on the top of my list. That was a smart and sassy show. I also agree with WIGSF about "Three's Company" and "Boy Meets World".