Jun 30, 2009


I went to visit my godchild and her family this weekend to see their new house and visit my old friend. It was a fun time to be had. The weather was beautiful on Whidbey Island and Nic and I enjoyed our beers on the porch and discussed all the projects he had lined up for the new homestead.

It was coming time for bed and I headed upstairs to lay on the couch. My godchild was on another sofa watching the Disney Channel. Being a good godfather I decided to take an interest in what entertainment she enjoys so I started asking her about the programming.

Wow. I now know all about the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, I Carly, and some kids called Zack and Cody who live in a hotel and bother some manager. As I was listening to the child tell me about the important plot points to follow when watching the pre-teen shows I saw Michael Clark Duncan playing a basketball coach. Good to see he's still working. One of the kids on the show was trying to impress two British cheerleaders, cause why not?

Ciera made sure I understood the plot to a new movie, something called Princess Protection Program or something to that effect. She stated she was waiting for it for three weeks to be broadcast and it fulfilled all her entertainment needs when she finally viewed it. Of course the channel played a commercial for it each and ever break.

Her younger brother Gavin insisted that I sleep there on the couch. I told him I would which he cheered and pulled his mattress to the foot of the sofa and made it clear to anyone listening that he was sleeping next to Uncle Wiwille and apparently there was nothing anyone could do about it. Him and I started talking about books and I asked him if he was interested in history and if so to teach me something about it. The seven year old then told me he knows about Martin Luther King and he was about stopping white people from killing black people. He was shot.

Ciera continued watching her shows and informing me of critical story lines and plot advancements. It was getting late and I think I fell asleep in mid sentence. Poor kid. When I talked with her the next morning she didn't seem to mind when I apologized for crashing out, but she said it was ok and next time I come up we get to watch Twilight.

Twilight. Seriously.

I love that girl, but Twilight? Sigh. I guess I best get prepared for the tween drama.

""Twilight," which combines the plot of HBO's "True Blood" with the intensity level of "Saved by the Bell," is a vampire romance." - Kyle Smith


Kelli said...

The Suite Life of Zach & Cody... lucky you.

wigsf said...

What happened to Spongebob?

Miss Ash said...

Good for you....I doubt I could even fake interest in the goings on of the Jonas Brothers.

Mattbear said...

I had, thankfully, not yet heard of this "Princess Protection Program" thing.

Then this evening, I was watching a rerun of House MD and they ran a commercial for it.

More specifically, a commercial for the (and I quote) "Royal B.F.F. Extended Edition" DVD.

Yeah, I threw up in my mouth a little during that commercial.

JLee said...

I have to admit, I've watched "iCarly" with my daughter and it's pretty funny. ha
And I also have to admit, I liked "Twilight". Don't knock it till you try it! lol