Jun 11, 2009

Thursday Music

"We're dancing to 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun.'"

This was a text I received early yesterday morning. I've had Cyndi Lauper stuck in my head ever since.

I'm terrible at figuring out what kind of music will be a huge success with the public. I saw Marilyn Manson open for NIN years ago on their Downward Spiral tour. Back then Manson had one album under his belt and after seeing what he assumed to be a shocking stage performance I felt an overwhelming sense of meh. I watched someone sing mediocre tunes and try and scare the audience with perverse lyrics, and over sized dildo, and his announcement that he was interested in learning the statutory rape laws in the local area. I figured that band was going nowhere.

I would've never lasted in the music industry.

Similarly I assumed Cyndi Lauper would be the winner in the feud with Madonna. She had better songs, stronger vocals, and had range the material girl only wish for. Sadly shameless self exploitation won the day and the public got stuck with an annoying hag who thinks she's British.

Today I bring you back to a simpler time in pop music though, where some music fans once thought that talent would rule all. They were wrong. So here's Cyndi singing about masturbation:

"I'm in the business where you get the business all the time." - Cyndi Lauper

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JLee said...

I don't get the whole MM thing either. Just the shock value I guess. Although I have to disagree with you on the Lauper/Madonna thing. I don't like her as a person, but Madonna's versatility and adaptability is amazing.