Jun 16, 2009

Save your money

After dinner last night I walked my friend to her truck and said goodbye. As I strolled back to my car I noticed two young ladies who seemed to stand out. One was dressed very casually, just jeans and a tank top to compliment the warm weather. She was proudly showing her tramp as her clothing seemed specifically designed to make sure all knew someone put a needle to her lower back.

Her friend stood out a bit more. Dressed in a white mini-skirt with the same colored blouse and shoes, she was a shapely female with pretty long hair, but had a manner about her that screamed to all that she was trashy hot.

But wait a minute. Maybe they were nice girls with manners that rival the blessed Mary. I mean who was I to judge based on outward appearances?

The two started walking behind me. This is the conversation that ensued:

TG1: He does really like you.
TG2: Yeah.
TG1: My guy just gets me drunk and takes me home.
TG2: Yeah.
TG1: And it's always at two in the morning. He never takes me anywhere except a bar.
TG2: Yeah.
TG1: I don't know why he gets me drunk. I already want it.
TG2: Yeah.
TG1: It's not like I'm going to say no.
TG2: Yeah.
TG1: I mean...

I tuned out from then on.

When I was a young lad we used to call girls that like that a six pack and a Blockbuster night. Good to see some things haven't changed.

"Giving birth was easier than having a tattoo." - Nicole Appleton


wigsf said...

Why can't I meet women like that?

Oh, right. I've got standards and a desire to remain STD-free.

Claire said...

Oh man.


JLee said...

awwww...I guess the stamp speaks for itself? That quote makes me not want to get a tattoo!

Anonymous said...

We used to call them Skanks..but hey if they are still like more power to the hounds that are chasing....funny post..Zman sends

Miss Ash said...

You should have set the other one up with the Jiggaman....I'm sure he'd at least take her to dinner first.

Mizzle said...

Sounds like pleanty I know.