Jun 25, 2009

Thursday Music

Corey and I were hanging out the other day driving along discussing important topics such as what is the best Rocky film. This is the conversation that ensued:

Corey: I like Rocky IV
Me: Damnit man.
Corey: They had that cool song. You know 'you're the best...around...nothing's gonna keep you down'.
Me: ...........
Corey: What?
Me: ...........
Corey: What? It's a cool song. Wait is that not from Rocky IV?
Me: No. It's from Karate Kid part 1.
Corey: Oh. I thought it was that training montage in Rocky IV.
Me: No it's from the tournament scene in Karate Kid. Rocky IV had the 'there's no easy way out. There's no shortcut home'.
Corey: Wow. Still a cool song.
Me: Indeed.

Turns out we were both wrong. I was referring to the sequence where Rocky is driving and flashing back to his past. Below is the correct song for the awesome montage sequence where the Italian Stallion is shaping up to later beat down some commie ass:

Yes we know we're dorks. Still I believe the first Rocky to be the superior one, and the only one that's watchable for that matter.

"When I was in junior high school, the teachers voted me the student most likely to end up in the electric chair." - Sylvester Stallone


Kelli said...

That's hot...

JLee said...

I agree..I like the first one the best.

Mattbear said...

Good god...was Dolph having an orgasm on that treadmill, or what?

I think there was a law in the '80s requiring every movie to have a montage.

Still, I say the best film trend from the 80s was kids riding their BMX bikes through town while being chased by the bad guys. That's a trend we need to bring back. There hasn't been a "riding your BMX through town to save the day" scene in 20 years, and that's a shame.

Miss Ash said...

I saw a few of those films however I can't recall anything about them. I must have been very young.
Wasn't "Eye of the Tiger" in one of them?