Jun 17, 2009

Thursday Music

We've all had that moment(s) where we're caught in our own private moment rocking or geeking out. I'm thankful that there was no such thing as the World Wide Web when I was a kid, cause I probably would've been the subject of dubious fame like that poor Star Wars teenage. Not that I would ever wield a toy lightsaber as a youngin pretending to be a Jedi. Nor would I ever do that as an adult. Nope. Never.

Moving on.

I think anyone who operates a motor vehicle has been the subject of an unsolicited spectator while rocking out to the radio. Wednesday evening this even happened to me, but with unexpected results.

I was driving home from the grocery store and was stopped at a stop light. I was tuned into the radio (yes I'm one of the few that still listens to the radio) to what do my ears do hear? The opening percussions of Twisted Sister's 'We're Not Gonna Take It'.

Generations older and younger than mine do not understand that when this song is heard people my age instantly are required to sing along. It's like a sacrament or something. Studies have shown that those who do not participate in joyous rendition of the classic butt rock song will contract genital herpes. True story!

While lip syncing to the song I get that feeling that I'm being watched. Sure enough I was right. The car next to me was occupied by two couples who were eyeballing me as I was making a fool out of myself. I turned to look at them while sporting a look of embarrassment. They laugh to themselves until the driver turned up her stereo.

They were listening to the same song.

The couples joined me in rocking out to the 80s classic. We were singing out loud and enjoying the moment even as the light turned green and we made our way to the next intersection. Sadly all good things come to an end as the last riff of the song was upon us. We shared a bright smile and made a few comments about how awesome that was. Truly it was a great moment.

I sent a text to numerous people describing the event. Most responses were about what you'd expect, but my favorite came from my good friend Corey:

"....At least it wasn't 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'...."

There should be no question as to why he's my best friend.

I seem to be getting caught a lot having geek moments with music, whether it be playing Rockband or wandering through a grocery store. At least it gives me something to blog about.

"I went for an outrageous form of expressing myself." - Dee Snider


JLee said...

That is awesome. What a kodak moment!

Miss Ash said...

Sharing a moment with strangers...I love it!!