Jun 23, 2010

Children should listen to Big Mama

When I first visited Dallas Kelly took me to the Dallas Zoo. We heard it was kind of ghetto compared to the one in Fort Worth, but we went anyways. It's not located in the best of neighborhoods and had an annoying song looping at the park entrance, but we both had a pleasant time seeing the animals. Most of the stores around the zoo had bars on the windows and looked a bit rough, but they had character. On the drive home though we saw something I never imagined every laying my eyes upon.

We saw a large billboard on the freeway with an older black woman dressed with a handkerchief over her head and had a very maternal smile. On the other side was a young black man who seemed to be pulling his pants down exposing his underwear. The sign stated the wise words of the elderly woman:

"Big Mama says: Pull Em Up! Keep it a secret."

I like Big Mama's attempt at destroying the fad that started in the early 90s. One would think that pulling down your pants would've gone out of style long ago, but sadly it has carried on. Still I was curious to how this billboard ended up on the freeway next to the sketchier neighborhood in Dallas. Interestingly enough it's a campaign by Dallas Mayor Caraway who feels strongly that showing your boxers can lead to many social ills.

I just think it's stupid, so he's got my vote.

I wonder if Seattle's mayor will put billboards on I5 saying "Grizzly boy says: Don't wear socks with sandals. If it's cold wear shoes."

"It's young people -- 18- and 19-year-old voters -- who put Barack Obama in the White House. You are powerful. So look like it." - Irma P. Hall, Big Mama model.


wigsf said...

I'm scared that if the young "homeboy" type demographic gets out there and votes, then the next president will be rapping on top of Hizzle to the Chizzle.

Miss Ash said...

Oh my god I love it!!! Tell em Big Mama!!