Jun 21, 2010


Now that I moved to Texas the folks from home ask me all the time how I'm handling the heat. Last summer in Seattle we had a week long heat wave of over 100 degree weather (I'm not sure what that is in Celsius as I don't speak Canadian) and you'd think the Apocalypse was near. Everyone bitched about it and wouldn't leave their home.

I kind of liked it actually, although I do understand complaints from most as very few in Seattle have air conditioning in their homes. Still it was a change of pace from the nine months of slow drizzle and I embraced it for the short spell.

Texas heat is something Tarzan couldn't take. My car has black leather interior. Some days when it's been parked outside I step into it and my sunglasses fog up immediately. It hurts just to touch the steering wheel. I usually jump in, start the car, and jump out for five minutes to let it cool. My back is always drenched with sweat and I shower at least twice daily. I lose about five lbs in water weight each day I'm out in what feels like the gates of Hell. I never wear pants anymore. Sporting shorts and flips flops is my daily style.

See in Washington we'd plan our outdoor activities based on the rain. Here it's the heat. Kelly and I had our engagement pictures done last week, all outdoors, and while we were dressed nicely we were puddles of sweat and gross. It's amazing how beautiful she looks in them when we were just exhausted being out in the sun all day.

Whenever I tell the locals my view on the weather here they remind me that it's only June. Sigh.

"If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?" - Steven Wright


JLee said...

Welcome to hell...y'all.

Shaun@work said...

And think. The year before I moved up here, we had a record 36 days straight of 100+ degree heat. Every summer there are at least 2-3 reports of people dying because they either didn't have A/C, or couldnt pay the power bill to keep it on.


wigsf said...

How humid does it get? Does the term "humidex" scare people down there?

Anonymous said...

it's definitely a hard language to translate, eh?


Claire said...

Oh man - my friend moved to Texas last October and is just doing her first Texan summer. Those things are warm!


Miss Ash said...

Love it!! Though is it a dry heat like Vegas (which is lovely) or humid like here? (not so lovely)