Jun 16, 2010


Four years ago I posted about why I'm not a fan of watching soccer on television. Although I now enjoy seeing matches live I still believe watching professional soccer (futbol) on the boob tube to be a rather painful experience.

Now that the World Cup is back in action soccer fans around the globe are tuning in to watch their countrymen try to take a title home. Now I understand what all the big deal is, but trying to view the event is even worse.

The South African fans, in all their wisdom, have decided to bring out vuvuzela horns, which are not necessarily a bad thing. Mexican fans use them, usually when a goal is scored or when a good play is noticed on the pitch, but our brothers in Africa see their usage a little differently. Instead of using them sparingly all through out the match you hear a dull 'buzzzzzzzzzzzzz' drowning out commentators, fans singing their club's songs, cheers, etc. It really takes away from the atmosphere that makes the game fun.
This annoys players, fans, coaches, and folks watching the broadcast. Of course the South Africans believe any sort of criticism is really an attack on their forefathers. According to the jackasses they claim the monotone horn is part of their culture and they feel proud to blare such music for the world to hear. Actually they were nothing but a communication tool, so I guess American fans should blast Morse code at high pitch decibels annoying the living hell out of players and fans alike and when anyone complains harass them for putting down our heritage.

Really I'm not all that interested in the World Cup anyways, because professional soccer offers nothing more than a bunch of whiny divers who aren't interested in busting ass to score. You want to see people really play hard at that sport go watch your local amateur league. It's amazing. People don't fall immediately when lightly touched and grab their ankles. If they do fall for whatever reason they get right back up and into the game. I swear it's true.

So blare away the annoying white noise you dumb asses. Let's just hope this nonsense keeps you from hosting anything ever again.

"If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn't have given us arms." - Mike Ditka


Anonymous said...

Cannot watch soccer or golf on TV!

Kelli said...

I was in Europe for a good piece of the World Cup. I was just sitting in Old Town Square, Prague watching a game on a concert-sized t.v. screen... an experience like that would definitely change your mind about futbol.