Jun 30, 2010


My fiance has a deathly fear of all things six legged. She is not a fan of the creepy crawly bugs and it's up to me to kill anything that might infest our domain.

Remember that scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Willie has to stick her arm through the hole filled with bugs to reach a lever that saves the life of the famous archaeologist and Short Round? Yes Kelly's fear of insects is so paralyzing I'm convinced she might, unlike Dr Jone's love interest, just let the ceiling crush me into dust.

This morning as she was getting ready to go to work she bolts into the bedroom. She works early and it's four in the morning. She announces that there's a cock roach roaming about on the kitchen counter. This is a job for Superfiance!

Yes I drug myself out of bed at the wee hours of the morning and sent a bug to insect heaven. I of course made it seem like it was a task worthy of the space marines from Starship Troopers, but in reality I had only a napkin as a weapon and a garbage can as it's disposal.

Still I couldn't help but feel all manly squishing the insect and saving my fiance from her fears. I crawled back into bad happy with this fact and rested my superhero head on my pillow.

"People have no tolerance. They think all bugs are bad. It's the American way. If you don't like something, kill it." - Carl Olson

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wigsf said...

There was this cockroach on the ceiling in my office. It was there for hours without moving. Because of the acoustic tile ceiling, I didn't want to just throw a book at the ceiling to kill it, so I sprayed bug spray at it. The bug woke up fell down flapping it's wings. It fell right down my shirt.
Now, all of my coworkers think I'm a big pussy. It probably has to do with me screaming like a girl when the bug flew into my shirt.