Jun 15, 2010


Now I'm not one that people would call a well groomed gent. I'm usually scruffy looking (insert nerfherder joke here*) and generally have an appearance that can best described as unkempt. It's just my style and I personally like the way it looks and normally I get lots of compliments on it believe it or not.

Now that I'm engaged I've learned that my grooming habits are sub-par. Constantly I'm subject to my neck being shaved and being reminded of weird hairs that I normally don't pay attention to. While the scruff is still the norm the abnormal facial hair is always pointed out to me.

"Honey," she says. "You have a random hair coming out of your cheek, eyebrow, nose, etc"

So now my fiance has taken it upon herself to be my own personal salon.

Living alone my shower consisted of a washcloth, soap, and shampoo. Now that I cohabitate it's taken on a life of it's own. Multiple products are crammed in every corner while others hang on the shower rack. My fiance has convinced me that using a loofah will be great for my pores. I still feel kind of gay every time I pour deodorant soap in it.

Yes I'm referring to liquid soap, something I thought I'd only use when waking up in a girl's place, but never in my own home.

I've learned that exfoliation is key to healthy, clean skin, something I was never aware of. I don't watch Lifetime so I wasn't privy to feminine soap commercials.

I need to watch Fight Club tonight.

*If you get that reference, you're way cool.

"Dirt makes a man look masculine. Let your hair blow in the wind, and all that. It's OK. All you have to do is look neat when you have to look neat." - Hedy Lamarr


wigsf said...

Hey, if she agreed to marry you when you were a scruffy nerfherder, then she has to accept you as a scruffy nerfherder.

Anonymous said...

That's why they make black and navy blue loofahs. Be sure to throw it out Every couple months they do accumulate bacteria. Kinda like the tooth brush rule.



Anonymous said...

btw, I'm not way cool.. just blonde

JLee said...

You have to achieve that "I'm scruffy looking, yet very well groomed and trying to appear scruffy" look. ha

Shaun@work said...

BTW, to see your SW reference and raise you a 'That's HEDLEY Lamarr'.

Miss A said...

It has been awhile since I have read "One Bad Apple" and I have missed the Wiwille sense of humor very much!

You and I are going through similar growing pains in regards to our living situation, of course I am sure it is Kelly and I who could find much to commiserate about, but just think what a pain in the ass the grooming issue would be if Kelly were a hairdresser!

My boyfriend does have two fringe benefits which I believe makes it all worthwhile...I love the scruff, and he gets free haircuts without every getting out of his boxers.

Now, if he only looked like "Tyler Durden" ;-)