Jun 18, 2010


Kelly's mom loves the nightlife. Seriously this woman goes out far more than my fiance and I and tears it up on the dance floor at a place called Ernie's. It caters to an older crowd where you'll find folks past their middle age ready to drink hard and dance as only rhythm challenged old white people can.

Kelly's mom, Diane (a.k.a. Rose), did her first promotion at Ernie's where she planned the band, theme (Hawaiian), and food last night. Of course we, and a bunch of other family members, had to attend.

The people watching was worth it alone. There was a bald headed gent with a really bad mustache who I swore was G. Gordon Liddy. I asked Kelly about the resemblance, but she was unfamiliar with the convicted felon turned conservative talk show host. Those who did recall Watergate's main players agreed. After a few rounds I finally asked him if he was ever mistaken for anyone famous. He replied that people did say he looked like someone, but he couldn't recall the name. He did remember that person was in jail.

One lady could be best described as a used up Carol Burnett, with a lot of plastic surgery and botox. I don't think it was possible for the woman to show more than one facial expression.

Then there was a woman with long hair and tiny halter top that let her boobs sag to her knees. She was in great shape and looked like an old dance instructor. She got on the dance floor with a burly man who I guessed used to box kangaroos in the circus. He wore a sleeveless black shirt and looked surly as he showed off his arms that were the size of my waist, but I tell you this guy could boogie. They both had grace as they swooned across the floor impressing all in attendance. Their skills were not matched by anyone that night.

All the other folk were dressed in manners you would expect from the geriatric sect. Old button down shirts and shoes that went out of style in 1987, the men were having fun entertaining and flirting with women of their age group. The gals loved the attention as most were dressed to impress with make up by Mary Kay.

Fun was being had and they were at the age where they couldn't give a damn less what anyone else thought. No longer were they too cool for school, these folks were spending their twilight years enjoying themselves and blowing their social security on having moments they'll never forget, at least before dementia kicked in. God bless them for that.

"Almost all my middle-aged and elderly acquaintances, including me, feel about 25, unless we haven't had our coffee, in which case we feel 107." - Martha Beck


wigsf said...

And one day it will happen to you...

Miss Ash said...

Oh god it sounds like the Wrinkle Ranch down here...great for entertainment and people watching but I DO NOT want to become one of them when i'm older!!