Jun 8, 2010


I always said I wouldn't buy a home unless I have someone to share it with. Moving into a suburban dwelling seemed wasteful for just one person and I would be free to spend my money on other more important things, like beer. Maybe I sold myself short by not becoming an owner of a tenement, or a least a condo, but it granted me freedoms and vacations that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Now that I'm doing the grown up thing Kelly and I did some house hunting. Basically it would be us out and about and she would ask if I wanted to look at homes. I always said yes even though it wasn't high on my agenda. I could be a dull affair as I was in no position to purchase something, but finally with the job lined up and down payment in order some serious shopping occurred.

Yesterday we were pre-approved to live in a suburban dwelling called Castle Hills. It's adorned with medievel decoration and streets named "Aurthur", "Lancelot", etc. There's a large castle like entrance with stone walls surrounding the community.

Still it's a nice area with huge gated areas for the millionaires, golf course, good schools, community pools, and a decent commute. Kelly's brother calls it a cult, but he and his girlfriend have tentative plans to move there as well.

So now I'm building a home, getting married, and planning the whole family thing. I hope I don't turn into one of those folk who post a thousand pictures of their kids on Facebook thinking everyone else will find them to be the most exciting bit of information they've ever seen. Actually I'll leave that to Kelly.

"Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them." - Bill Vaughan


JLee said...

That sounds kinda fun! You could paint a coat of arms on the side of your car ;)

wigsf said...

i love suburbia, very few hippies

Mattbear said...

If you have kids, you WILL become that person and post pictures of them. It is an inevitable part of the evolution of one's life. Accept it, embrace it, move on.

Miss Ash said...

Kinda odd but cool in the same way....like living at DisneyWorld or something! Or Medieval times LOL!

As for people putting their children on facebook.....I think it's creepy, too many weirdos out there.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me....?
BTW, your going to be so proud your going to want everyone to see your "soon to be beautiful children" !!!