Jan 6, 2011


My daily commute can be a bit of a chore as the on ramp from 121 to I-35W is always a packed affair. Traffic slows to a crawl and two lanes merge into one on the long stretch onto the freeway. After finally merging on to the interstate people suddenly decide to hit their accelerator and travel at an acceptable pace.

There are those who don't seem happy with the idea of zipper merging, when two lanes become one. Such is the case I experienced yesterday. I drove in the right lane on the on ramp ready to take my place in the long slow line of those wishing to enter the freeway at a reasonable speed, but the trucker next to me was not having it. The driver of the two trailer semi was tailgating the car in front of him and wasn't about to let me enter the precious space of road he was occupying. I bopped my head to the beat of my turn signal, accelerating and braking, hoping that there was a bit of concrete I could occupy.

My efforts failed as the pig fucker decided to run me into the shoulder. There I drove in a non-lane, wondering what the problem was with the truck driver as he showed me little courtesy. This went on for quite a spell until the driver in front of him turned, looked at me, and waved me in front of him as he slammed his brakes forcing the trucker to do the same. I waved back as I moved my car into an actual lane.

All of us finally merge onto I-35W and it was apparent that the trucker needed to get off the freeway and onto the George Bush Turnpike. Yes I commute everyday on a freeway named after my least favorite Republican dynasty. But I digress...

The merciful driver who let me in pulled along side of me and looked at me with a smile. We both knew what each other was thinking. The trucker, who was still behind us, was making lane changes trying to edge in front of us. We would not have this. Both I and the car matched speed and ensured the wife beating meth head would have to travel at a pace unsuitable for god and man. He kept changing lanes behind us, giving us both the finger. I smiled in my rear view mirror and waved, which only further agitated the jackass.

All of us finally merge onto George Bush and both the car and I made life a bit more miserable for the trucker. He finally got off the nearest off ramp he could. I smiled and wave to the driver of the karmic vehicle and he waved back. We both felt happy about our actions.

"I'm an awful driver. I'm not going to lie about it. I'm not a good driver. I tried for a long time to pretend that I was. There's a lot of road rage and a lot of times it's directed at something I've done on the road." - Kristen Bell


Mattbear said...

Having been a delivery driver for years (but never a big rig driver), I am always appalled by the lack of courtesy displayed by so many so-called "professional" drivers.

Driving for a living can be a pain in the ass at times, as other drivers are often extremely rude and downright dangerous (I used to use the term "commuter" as a dire insult), but it's no excuse to behave unprofessionally.

Also, "Duel" is a seriously kick-ass movie. Love it.

JLee said...

"wife beating meth head" LOL Why is it always the truckers?? Too many hours on the road? Too little sleep? I am just glad you had an ally in the other driver. That is awesome. "Duel" is a great movie...I have never been so stressed out. lol