Jan 4, 2011


A co-worker of mine is a talented sort who in his spare time enjoys creating works of art on his colleagues white boards. He's created numerous pieces which never fail to impress even the most cynical. He kindly offered to take my unused board and draw a vintage Star Wars poster on it. I came to work yesterday to find it completed and the results are indeed extraordinary.

So yesterday I posted the fine work on this blog. My friend Leif, who happens to be a Star Wars fan as well, thought it was very cool and decided to submit the link to Reddit. He did ask that I submit a picture that shows some background, for some may call it as fake. I didn't see the point as I thought why someone would claim that I purposely hyped up another persons work. I mean if I said that I myself drew it then one would have a point.

I'm largely unfamiliar with Reddit, but it seemed the majority of people who viewed it tended to like the drawing and it's not hard to see why. As my friend Alec stated, the artist truly missed his calling. Oddly enough the commenters on the Reddit post seemed a bit cynical about it and if this was indeed on a white board. Let's take a look at some of the said comments:

"No way.

No way, nuh uh, no how.

On a white board? That depth of colour and consistency?

I don't believe it. I'd like to see far better photos of it, including angle shots and context shots of the cube wall and people and all that. If it's that awesome, you'd think he'd have them." - KirbyG

Yes KirbyG I didn't think to take angle shots or any context pics to prove to them there internets about the legitamcy of an artist's recreation of a Star Wars poster. Actually the original pic isn't mine at all. I know you probably have the talent of Dali and are skeptical of anyone having such awesomeness as yourself.

"Is that really the same kind of whiteboard I'm thinking of? Usually, when you try to colour things on whiteboards, you get those weird lines from the marker itself wiping away the previous ink drawn.

The blacks in that picture just look too consistent." - SgtFish

I only know one person in my entire life who's familiar with white board art, so I'm confused as to why the blacks look consistent.

"this pic is a bit suspicious, how about a pic showing more context" - Petrarch1603

You wish, my command.

"That looks like a scan of a book/poster??? not a whiteboard drawing..." - mpower87

Riddle me this genius: If it were a scan why would someone put their name under the words "Poster Art Replication by"?

"This looks like a big pile of liar's shit." - trestle_mania

It's hard to argue that iron clad logic, especially when it comes from the likes of one with such a clever name, but I don't get why I would lie about someone else's work. Again it just seems silly, but this is the internet, the land where birthers, truthers, and those who will not accept that we walked the moon are free to roam. Trolls are also just the inevitable afterbirth of the World Wide Web.

I really have little to gain personally from proving that this white board creation actually exists in the demanding context that a few Reddit commenters want, but in honor of the artist who did such an amazing job I'll post the below pic. I'm certain there will be some who will delve into jackassery and claim that I took a scan and wrapped it on my white board so my co-worker could have his 15 minutes of internet fame and somehow blame the whole conspiracy on Obama, who has yet to prove he's not a Satan worshiping Kenyan who spends most of his days getting lap dances from midget amputees while sitting on a port-a-potty.

For the skeptics:

"Anybody who says they are a good liar obviously is not, because any legitimately savvy liar would always insist they're honest about everything." - Chuck Klosterman


Anonymous said...

Of course it's real. If you zoom in close enough, you'll notice that Leia was drawn with two tits. The actual movie poster, Leia was drawn with three tits. Look for it. She got three tits man!

Claire said...

I missed this yesterday. What a talented guy!


Miss Ash said...

It is quite amazing, how long did this take him?