Jan 14, 2011

Geek help

I was hanging with some friends last night when the eldest son announced he had an Xbox 360. The little tyke was excited, because he had Batman Arkam Asylum. I thought this a little strange as the game is a bit dark, but it's a good one and posed a bit challenging for the child. I told him I played and beat the game so he asked for some assistance.

Let's turn the clock back to when I was but a wee Wiwille. My parents purchased a Coleco Vision for me for Christmas, which came with a Donkey Kong port. My father and I played the game, to which he sucked. I'm talking a big barrel (pun intended) of suckage. After I went to bed he continued to play hoping he could practice enough to champion me in the morning. He woke me at some unholy hour and before I got a chance to eat my Cream of Wheat he offered up a challenge. His hours practicing that night amounted to nothing as I easily skilled him in the ways of Mario. That was the end of my father's career as a gamer.

Now the tables have been turned. I assisted the kid in figuring out the puzzles and moves. My wife commented about how I spend a lot of time playing games, to which the young one was excited he had a video game mentor. It's a difficult one so he passed the controller to me when things presented a challenge. It was actually kind of fun.

The clock winded to a late hour and the wife and I made our leave. The youngest son said goodbye in a Nazi salute. Sure the kid probably had no idea what it meant, but it struck me as shocking. I'm sure he was not versed in the activities of brown shirts nor the Hitler youth which made it a bit comical as well as disturbing.

I didn't salute back.

"I hope they make a video game of me. At least I wouldn't have any cellulite then." - Scarlett Johansson


JLee said...

hehe..my daughter has "Arkham Asylum" for PS3 and "Black Ops" and I give up on that shit. I will stick to "Guitar Hero" but I still get schooled on that big time. I like how you incorporated Scarlett into the post. lol

Claire said...

There's always room for ScarJo, right?


Anonymous said...

That story you told of you and your father. Yeah dude. Nice try. Lifting Simpsons b-stories and passing them off as your own life won't get past me.