Jan 27, 2011

The Lone Star beer.

When I announced to my friends that I was leaving Washington to make a new life in the Lone Star state they often hit me with the following question:

"Won't you miss the beer?"

Yes the Northwest is known for it's wide selection of fine crafted beers. It's stock full of microbrewerys that serve excellent beverages. Since I can be somewhat of a beer snob, even though I hate that term, I did frown on the idea that I may have to search far and wide for Guinness on tap. When faced with the reality, however; I found that there are many places that accommodate my tastes. Sure Pilsners, which aren't fit for human consumption, dominate the taps around here as they do in most places, but it isn't difficult to find something that is not repulsive.

The Houston Press has posted a map of beer that defines all fifty states. Texas, not surprisingly, has the Shiner brewery as it's shining example of good brew. I will admit the state's largest brewery produces some great products, such as my favorite, the Black Lager. Washington was granted Pyramid, which I would argue is nowhere near the quality of Mac&Jacks or Red Hook, but to each their own. The beer drinking community can't agree on everything.

Note how the northern midwest states on the map enjoy beer that is equivalent to urine. I blame the weather for their enjoyment of things that suck.

"Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer." - Henry Lawson

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