Jan 24, 2011


I was at a family gathering around the holidays and things were going swimmingly. People mingled and caught up while watching football and nothing out of the ordinary happened, until the blessing of the feast. It's tradition in the wife's family that at all family functions all hold hands while the host says a Christian blessing of the meal. This is not unusual as I'm sure all of you have been a part of a similar ritual at some point in your life.

What made this experience different is I was standing next to a family member, who shall go unnamed, and it was announced that we should circle up and hold hands. The man grasped my hand, which again wasn't strange at all, but curiously he interlocked his fingers with mine.

I could hear the Seinfeld bass....

Why he interlocked my fingers is anyone's guess. Does he have a crush on me? Do I tell anyone about this incident? Is he just socially retarded and not well versed in the ways of couples holding hands vs prayer circle hand holding? Is anyone seeing this? If so do they think we're having an affair?

I couldn't wait for the prayer to be over. I almost chimed in and yelled "AMEN" and make a dash to the bathroom to scrub my hands with Lava soap.

"I started being really proud of the fact that I was gay even though I wasn't." - Kurt Cobain


Mrs. Wiwille said...

I can't stop laughing!

Anonymous said...

Every family has that one black sheep or funny uncle. Everybody just puts up with him without ever discussing it.

Miss Ash said...

How odd....make sure to be far far away from said relative at the next meal!