Jan 3, 2011


As most of you are fully aware I'm a geek. For whatever reason my wife, who's way out of my league in the looks department, took pity on someone who owns a Star Wars Monopoly game and a R2-D2 phone and for whatever reason thought I was marriage material. I try not to annoy her with my dorkdom, but sometimes it's difficult.

A while back we were walking through Costco, a place I usually loathe to shop at, and found a R2-D2 toy that responds to voice commands and an AT-AT that resembled the one I had in my youth. She was on the phone talking with her friend as I exclaimed my excitement that one day I may get to purchase these for my child. She shook her head at me, which was to be expected.

This morning I come to work and found my co-worker, who's an artist of sorts, drew the below on my white board. Yes I'm proud.

"Leia follows me like a vague smell." - Carrie Fisher


Miss Ash said...


and what is an AT-AT?

Anonymous said...

Geeks need love too.

And Star Wars merchandise.