Jan 17, 2011

Compared to a fruit

As I've written about before, a friend of mine meets people through a Facebook application, one I'm largely unfamiliar with. To be expected she gets messages from lonely men who declare their affections for her, but none of them have ever met her nor have never had any kind of written exchange with my friend. It's telling of the mental state of people who have a difficult time dating. Let's take a look at a recent message she received:

How are u doing today? This is john willams.46 A single dad I was going through Profiles and picks on here I must confess I got Attracted by the smiles on you face but Your Beauty has shocking my heart I really cant stop starring at you ,I must confess I am not here flattering you I am serious I will love to know more about you ,If you really don?t mind can you tell me more about yourself what is it you like and dislike and ?I will love to know for my heartaches to know you Beautiful apple I will be honored to read from you soon You could also write on my yahoo or probably have a chat with me on my yah00 IM?.Really cant wait to get hearing from you soon .

Now one would assume that English is not his first language, but with a name like John Williams it's hard to imagine that he doesn't have a grasp of his native tongue. I'm still trying to figure out why the man used 'beautiful apple' as a term of endearment. Since so many guys seem prone to sending messages of this nature out of the blue I'm curious if any one of them have found a woman willing to respond and take their affectionate message to heart. There's someone for everyone I'm told.

Editors note: My friend is not using the application to look for love.

"Good-looking individuals are treated better than homely ones in virtually every social situation, from dating to trial by jury." - Martha Beck

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JLee said...

hahha...man, this guy sounds like Spam.