Feb 22, 2011

How far would you go?

I was reading a news article which cited a study by a fitness magazine where it claims 51% of women would choose to give up sex for a year in order to become skinny. This is not as shocking as the fact Paula Poundstone has (had) a career, but still surprising none the less. Anyone who's ever known a woman is keenly aware that their body issues have little to do with what men think. Sadly the influence of the fashion industry and what their peers think have much more of an impact than anything else.

I could go on about why women feel that they need to look like a bag of antlers to be attractive, which is crap, but I won't. You're all smart people, but the bigger question is how far men would go to look more attractive. Would any guy give up a year of sex for a year to cede their male pattern baldness? How about decreasing the waist line or looking like Ryan Reynolds? Also how bad of a sex life do 51% of women have?

"Another study I saw yesterday said 61 percent of women are thinking about what their body looks like while they're having sex. So clearly, we are so focused on appearance, and ... bombarded with images of what our appearance should look like -- how thin we should be, how tall we should be, what we should be wearing. It's everywhere. So it's not really surprising that it's the thing that women think about the most, but the things they would give up in order to achieve this ideal is, I think, what's really surprising in the study." - Dr. Jennifer Hartstein

Would women give up sex if it meant being slim?

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Miss Ash said...

Hmmmm you know that's a tough one....I'll admit I've had a dry spell or two so really....one year to be skinny might not be soooooo bad! I wouldn't do it right now though :P