Feb 17, 2011

Wiwille's trivia

As most who know me understand that I love trivia games. I'm not sure why this is, but I'm a huge fan of game shows like Cash Cab, Win Ben Stein's Money (sad this didn't have a longer run), Jeopardy, and the like. I decided to rip off my friend Mattbear and post a daily trivia question on Facebook for friends to answer, hoping they make good on the promise not to use Bing in their responses.

Now you may be thinking that I rip these questions off the internet and just repost them. You would be incorrect. Sans one all of these were floating in my pea sized brain, some for many years. You'd think I'd retain important information, such as birthdays, but sadly I'm not wired for such.

With the latest interest in Watson being a contestant on Jeopardy I thought I'd post these questions here and see how my readers fare in the game of useless knowledge. Post your answers in the comments page and the first person to get the most responses correct may win an exciting prize!

The rules: No Internet searching. This includes those who are Facebook friends with me to kindly remove yourself from the game if you have been following my status updates.

1. Which Latin American country was the first in the world to abolish it's standing military?

2. What Disney film starred a pre-Bond Sean Connery?

3. The St Valentine's Day Massacre was briefly mentioned in what mob film starring Sylvester Stallone?

4. Name the film that starred Humphrey Bogart in which he received his only Oscar win for Best Actor?

5. Benny Hill co-starred in what film that was based on a book by Ian Flemming?

6. Who played the role of Cru Jones in the cinematic masterpiece that is "Rad"? Bonus points for guessing correctly who played Cru's love interest, Christian.

7. Name the first film that was partially based on a Jules Verne novel?

8. Leslie Nielsen audition for the role of a villain in which biblical epic?

9. Francis Ford Coppola originally slated and shot a few scenes with which actor for the role of Captain Willard before finally casting Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now?

10. Who was the first movie star in Oscar history to receive a nomination for Best Actor posthumously?

11. Which Indian performer is more commonly referred to in the US as Benny Lava?

12. Riddle of the day as told to me by a nine year old: What's more powerful than God, more evil than Satan, the poor have it, and the rich don't need it?

13. What's was Cary Grant's given name?

14. Marlon Brando directed one film in his entire career. Which film was it?

15. Which popular video game was the basis for a Broadway musical of the same name?

16. Which famous singer kissed the ground where Elvis once stood at Sun Studios in Memphis?

17. Ian Flemming had an estate in the Bahamas. What name did the James Bond creator give his Caribbean home?

18. Hunter S Thompson was credited for creating and writing which television show? He also had an uncredited cameo appearance in two episodes.

19. Name Walt Disney Studios' first completely live action feature film.

20. Name the US President, aka President of the United States In Congress Assembled, who presided when our first constitution, the Articles of Confederation, was ratified.

21. Thomas Berger wrote the famous (and one of my favorite) novel 'Little Big Man' which was based on his interviews of who? Berger called this person "either the most neglected hero in the history of this country or a liar of insane proportions."

22. Which city is believed to be the first in the country to name a street after Martin Luther King Jr?

23. Name the first actor to ever portray James Bond on screen.

24. Name the vice president of the Confederate States of America. Yes I'm talking about the government of secession and not the system that was in place before the ratification of our Constitution.

25. Who was the first US President that didn't use a Bible when taking the oath of office?

26. Name the five US Presidents who played college football.

27. Hitler had a portrait of what American hanging in one of his private quarters?

"Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it." - Robbie Coltrane


wigsf3 said...

1 - Panama
2 - ?
3 - Oscar
4 - The Maltese Falcon
5 - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
6 - ?
7 - Man on the Moon
8 - The Ten Commandments
9 - Harvey Keitel
10 - James Dean
11 - ?
12 - I don't see how this is trivia.
13 - Charles
14 - ?
15 - Doom (okay, it wasn't Doom, but wouldn't you love to see a Doom musical?)
16 - I should know this but I don't
17 - ?
18 - Sportscenter
19 - ?
20 - John Adams
21 - ?
22 - Liberia
23 - The guy before David Niven.
24 - ?
25 - John Quincy Adams
26 - Ford, Carter, Kennedy, Nixon, Bush Jr.
27 - Bill Clinton, thus proving the Nazis invented the time machine.

Kelli said...

Loved "Win Ben Stein's Money". Awesome show!

Mattbear said...

You know all those off the top of your head? I usually look mine up.

Miss Ash said...

I have to remove myself, I've been following on facebook but I love the idea!

Big Ben said...

I read over the firs 15 and didn't know any, perhaps some Blue Jays trivia?

Good luck on that family!