Feb 23, 2011

The right.

Almost everywhere you go here in Texas you'll find a sign outside a business, schools, and even churches announcing that you cannot carry an unlicensed firearm into the premises. You can; however, have a gun on your person if you have a concealed weapons permit. In order to get one you have to be 21 years or older, take a course, etc.

Most Texans I've had the opportunity to meet are gun owners. My wife was the first girl I've ever even dated that admitted to having a handgun in her place. Now that's motivation to be a well behaved husband.

The state legislature is mulling over a bill to make it legal for those with concealed weapons permits to be able to carry their firearm on state funded college campuses. Supporters of the bill believe this will be a deterrent for those who wish to commit a mass slaying, such as the tragedy in Virginia Tech or the infamous sniper at Texas University. Opponents say this may make for a more dangerous environment for students and faculty.

Surprisingly this is the not the first state to consider this a good idea. Utah does allow for guns on college campuses and thankfully no one has gotten hurt as a result. I'm actually torn on this issue. If there was someone to fire back at the Virginia Tech shooter could many lives have been saved? Maybe not as most students aren't over 21 and would be ineligible for a concealed weapons permit. Could most students even afford a proper handgun and even have the training to fire one effectively? Possibly, but I'm skeptical this will make a madman even think twice about committing a horrific slaying. The mentally ill have never let a little thing like reason get in the way of their actions.

"If I was taking an exam and knew the person next to me had one, I don't know how comfortable I would feel. I am in favor of guns rights and your typical conservative guy, but the classroom thing bugs me." - Frankie Shulkin

Texas poised to pass bill allowing guns on campus

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Miss Ash said...

That's a totally scary thought to me. I mean, think about it, one guy pulls out a gun to shoot people and 29 other people pull out guns and start firing at him. Chances are one of those "helpful" bullets may hit another person.