Feb 7, 2011

Super Bowl in Texas

My first hosting of a Super Bowl in Texas was a success. Listed below are the highs and lows:

The good:
- The game was indeed a good one. Both teams played high caliber football. A few penalties were dealt, but to be expected. Otherwise we witnessed some top notch defense.
- The gathering was small, but had my favorite people.
- The food. My father in-law rocked the grill with stuffed hamburgers, his fiance delivered some excellent beans, my sister in-law made what was quite possibly the best chili I've ever consumed, and the wife cooked an excellent dessert. Oh I made queso.
- While I don't hate the Steelers as much as most Northwest natives, it was kind of cool seeing them lose.
- Mike Tomlin showed real class in defeat.
- They broadcasted one of my favorite commercials of recent years:

The bad:
- I know it's kind of trendy to hate the Black Eyed Peas, but I can't think of a worse halftime performance in recent memory. Actually it should go down as one of the worst television concerts period. I didn't expect much from the world's most overrated cover band, but the audio was awful, the shrieking done by Fergie was as pleasant as a punch in the crotch, and the weird sperm shaped dancers made for a show that had little to no connection to it's audience.
- Most of the car commercials weren't clever at all.
- I then learned the world would be subjected to yet another Micheal Bay film, which is about as necessary as another Home Alone sequel.
- Grocery shopping the day before the Super Bowl = One of the worst ideas I've ever had.
- I missed the part where Christina flubbed the national anthem. I usually hate modern renditions of the song anyways so I always make it a point to skip them. Still that would've been comical.
- I wished I would've recorded the Puppy Bowl and flipped to that during that awful halftime show.

"I predict one of these two teams will win the Super Bowl." - Gilbert Gottfried


Miss Ash said...

I actually didn't watch the game this year but I did find a clip of Christina's anthem....yup she screwed up! How embarassing...

wigsf3 said...

Who won the Bud Bowl?