Feb 28, 2011

Texas style.

"Have you ever been to a country bar," she asked with an excitement in her voice?

"I've been to many a white trash bar," I replied. "But never a country bar."

My sister in-law went on about how she believes the wife and I should accompany her and her husband to a country bar. Apparently the saloon in question has a live band and people get on the dance floor and two step in a circle. Sounds like a hoot doesn't it?

My sister in-law hates me with the burning passion of a thousand suns.

I don't know how to two-step, but I guess it's time to learn. I'm awesome at everything I do so I can rock the country western dance floor and show them Duke boys how it's done. I don't really have appropriate attire for a country bar as I'm all man, but that can easily be remedied. I shall consume a steady diet of Fox News, reruns of Reba, and beef jerky and I'll be prepared to enter this establishment to do some western boogie.

I remember dating a girl in high school who used to watch a show called 'Club Dance' on whatever the equivalent of CMT was back then. The show consisted of people two-stepping in a circle. For a half hour this happened. For some reason she and her mom knew the names of some of the dancers of the program. Apparently to be a big star on this show the only talent you needed was to follow country western dance steps. I once commented on how it looked like a redneck roller rink. She was not amused.

"I'm in this business because I despise honest labor." - Marty Robbins


Anonymous said...

So there are bars in Texas that aren't country western bars? You're shattering my image of Texas you know.

Kelli said...

Just so you know... there are so many different types of dance than the two-step. And there is a difference between the regular two-step and the "Texas two-step". I used to dance three-four times a week. And, I also watched this show.

How does it feel to live in my world, city boy? ha ha ha.

JLee said...

You should try it! It's a lot of fun for something different. I really don't listen to country music, but you should check out a band called the King Bucks. They are old school country but very hip and we're going to see them at this dive bar this weekend. lol