Jan 12, 2006

I'm not rooting for the home team. Deal with it.

The Seattle Seahawks have enjoyed real success this year. They have already scored an impressive record of 13-3. Shaun Alexander became the league MVP. They're healthy and ready to take on the Redskins for a possible playoff win, their first since 1984. Everybody in the area is hooting and hollering about the possibility of the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl for the first time ever.

I don't care. I enjoy football, but I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon of the Seahawks just because they are doing well this year. So many times have I heard the line "You have to root for your home team", but when I ask people why they either stare at me dumbfounded or loudly state "because".

Okay. Thanks for clearing that up.

For years that team has been terrible to the community of the Puget Sound. They've had a lackluster history bringing in little revenue then turn around and beg the taxpayers to build them a new stadium. They've threatened to move their team and try and hold the city hostage for their corporate welfare scheme. Granted the taxpayers gladly gave them the vote to use public funds to build the stadium overlooking real issues such as education, health care, traffic, etc. I guess everyone who voted for the stadium believes that professional sports are more important than the real public good.

Don't' get me started on the whole Bosworth fiasco.

I'm not going to root for them no matter how successful they are just because I live here. I'm not going to support every policy Bush makes because I'm an American. I'm not going to listen to Modest Mouse because they're from Issaquah. I don't have to give my fandom to anything because they are located near me. Asking someone to blindly use their money and energy into an organization that they don't care about is almost as bad as asking someone not to question the war in Iraq and using the unpatriotic excuse.

Sports fans are no worse than Harry Potter fans. I can say this because I am a fan of sports. Don't ask me to cheer for Hasselbeck or try to stick up for Paul Allen's selling of our public funds or to buy some sort of memorabilia. Oh and if the Seahawks do keep on winning don't ask me to refer to them as 'we'. Neither you or I had anything to do with them winning. I use to play football and I know as well as any player that no amount of fan cheer will help me play better. Anyone else who tells you otherwise is disillusioned or a liar.

I do wish the team success and if you like the Seahawks then enjoy the season by all means. Don't look down on me if I choose not to. Oh and grow the fuck up.

"I've never been one of those crazy guys. It's just that people have an impression that the Boz lives 24-7. Once the game was over, Mr. Hyde was gone and Dr. Jekyll came out." - Brian Bosworth

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Mattbear said...

How can you hate "The Boz"? I mean, he did that great movie, "Stone Cold"!

I'm not a real sports fan to start with, except hockey, but even then I don't just root for the home team (especially since, in the NHL at least, we don't even have one). I couldn't care less about the Seahawks. But even if I was in the "root for the home team" camp, your Modest Mouse analogy would have swayed me to your argument. :)