Jan 25, 2006

Should I just turn a blind eye?

Most blogs I read are of the liberal slant, but I do read some conservative sources to get the other side. I never read political blogs for accurate information, but more for entertainment sound byte purposes. They serve my needs and I enjoy them; however I'm afraid most people take them way to seriously.

They are a dominant force in the internet political landscape. Coming from a generation who gets most of their news from the Daily Show the trend is disturbing. It's not the job of most bloggers to provide accurate information nor act as a responsible journalist. It's their job mostly
to opine and a lot of times to sell add space. Actually it's not much different than any 'regular' journalist. Whenever I blog about our government you can always bet that you're going to hear the side of Erik and on one else.

I haven't found a moderate blogger out there. Most are slanted one way or another, because that's what entertains people I guess. Moderates don't really have a strong voice in politics, because frankly it's boring. Conservatives and liberals work well, because they have a strong agenda that's passionate. Reason does not sell.

There are many double standards of the Republicans that it makes me cry, but for now I'll point one out at the Democrats. Hillary Clinton namely. She recently compared Congress being run as a "plantation" to a black church congregation. When she made such comments the audience seemed rather hushed, but right leaning websites blasted her comments as showboating a national tragedy.

They really do have a point. When I watched the speech I saw the Illinois native suddenly speak with an accent, although I'm unclear as to which accent she was trying to convey. She stood up there and tried to make herself one of the people. The idea of that is laughable.

The media fallout was really mute and no one really paid much attention to it. Why? This is the second time she's made comments of this nature. You probably don't remember the time she made a terrible joke about Gandhi running a gas station, because again no one really cared.

The Clintons' have been bulletproof for a long time, but someone in the Democratic party really needs to sit her down and tell her that this is inappropriate. If a Republican did this they would be tarred and feathered. Look what happened to Trent Lott when he toasted the jackass Strom Thurmond. Granted I have no sympathy for Trent, but Republicans are more willing to abandon all party loyalty in favor of shooting down someone who is perceived of racism to make it seem like their really taking care of bigotry in the GOP. When a Democrat does this people just think they made a bad joke. A Democrat can't be racist, because they're a Democrat after all.

I don't believe Hillary is a racist, but I do think she needs to use better judgment when making statements as this. She has shown to me that she exists so far outside of the mainstream that she has forgotten how to communicate with the common folk. I'm tired of being disgusted with the Republican party, but I look at the incompetence of the Democratic leadership and contemplate a Canadian visa. They both sicken me.

"He ran a gas station down in St. Louis." - Hillary Clinton on Gandhi.

Clinton's 'plantation' remark draws fire

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