Jan 8, 2006

Sweetie or sucker?

In an attempt to win back his girlfriend Jim Curtin, who collected Elvis memorabilia for over 30 years, has decided to auction off his goods relating to the King. Apparently she left him because she was tired of his time being spent on collecting stuff in his worship of the famous drug addled star.

This poses many interesting questions to the female readers of Erik's Ramblings, if there are any. A lot of times this blog is mostly male centric, which is convenient cause I'm a guy who enjoys sports, beer, fast cars, pin up girls, etc. I also like musicals, old movies, poetry, and other art forms. How I came to this duality of tastes I don't know.

Okay back on track here. Ladies if you happen to meet someone who has an obsession over a hobby that bothers you would you pursue the relationship? If sports annoy you and the guy makes no mention to hide his fascination with a particular game and/or team and you hate everything about it would you still date him? If so would you continue a relationship with said guy would you constantly nag the guy to change his compulsive ways? If so why?

This also poses some questions for guys. Would you give up your plasma TV Sunday football watching because your girl hates it even though she doesn't have to watch it? Would you put aside your restoration of your classic car or any other time consuming hobby all because she desires more time out of you?

I've never understood this kind of thinking. Hobbies and interests don't bother me as long as there's no animal sacrifices or addictions, but if I felt that someone was hooked on something beyond rehabilitation I wouldn't continue to date her. That's just me though.

Now is this guy a sweetie or a sucker?

"I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to." - Elvis Presley

Man auctions Elvis collection for love

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