Nov 21, 2006

Godfather wine.

I really enjoy a good bottle of wine, but I can't bring myself to be a snob of the beverage. When I do come across a nice glass of vino I'm thankful that I came across it; however I hate having to put so much research, energy, and money into finding a good bottle and then discovering it to be a) overrated, b)overpriced, c) just damn awful, d) all of the above.

I was at a vineyard a few years back tasting the wines offered. Some who know me may find this image amusing as I've indicated before I'm no connoisseur and a good porter is my alcohol of choice. I tasted one particular wine and it was rather flavorful, but I won't sit here and tell you I was a master at the art of picking it apart. I felt kind of stupid actually while I was sipping away noticing everyone else there was holding the glass to the light and commenting on opacity and tannins and terms no one should care about. It was then I thought of a saying I heard when looking at a painting, "over analyzing this takes away the emotional immediacy of the print. Do you want to sit and debate the merits of the brush strokes or would you rather enjoy the art?"
I actually bought a bottle of the wine I liked. When I got home and opened it it ended up tasting nothing like the samples at the vineyard. I'm thinking the wine I tried was first press while the bottle was like seventh.
While I love to pick apart movies, music, and literature I believe most foods can simply be enjoyed, but I guess this sets me apart from the people who know wines. You know the type. Once wine comes up in a conversation they proudly exclaim their scholastic approach to purchasing and consuming their favorite beverage and sometimes it can annoy the living hell out of me.
"Fight Club" did nothing for those folks.
I guess you're wondering what the point of this post is.
My cousin invited me to his place for Thanksgiving and I offered to bring something. Of course alcohol seemed appropriate as I can't cook all that well. I went to the wine section at 'Safeway' and to my surprise the store sections off some of their wine. One section was for bottles that went well with beef, poultry, or seafood. This was helpful as I'm clueless about what compliments turkey, so I browsed the poultry section. I couldn't decide on a bottle when I finally came across Francis Ford Coppola wine. Yes one of my favorite directors has a vineyard so I said what the hell. It's all a crap shoot anyways. Hopefully he'll put more quality into his wine then some of his latest films.
I bought a six pack of beer in case the man behind The Godfather's wine isn't such a big hit.
"Art depends on luck and talent." - Francis Ford Coppola

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