Nov 8, 2006

Such an interesting day.

Today is a huge news day. The election results are in and the Democrats have control over Congress. The second most hated man in the administration has stepped down. The Dow-Jones has seen another huge spike. Israel has attacked a Palestinian settlement mistakenly targeting civilians which has Hamas calling for open war with the US.

Given all that's going on in the body politic the one story that's become the real water cooler topic has not been the outing of corrupt, incompetent Republicans. Rather than discussing the drama on the beltway people are enthralled by the far more important tale of a man struggling for identity as he was placed upon the mantle of pop royalty only to see it collapse underneath him while being informed of his marital doom via electronic messaging. This man rose up above all odds, hated by the press, public, and anyone who harbored the delusion that sleeping with his wife was a possibility. He disregarded such criticisms and fought his way into the pop lexicon releasing an album that critics bashed, but that man knew his art was only misunderstood. He believed rightly that his music would live on for generations to come. Statues will be erected in his honor and much like other geniuses this young man's legacy will triumph for a millennia. Yes it is this man, a wayward soul of sorts, who motivated himself to work hard to bring you lyrics peppered with street cred that secretly makes 50 Cent jealous. Yes that...

Okay I can't type this anymore. Screw K-Fed. Screw his numbskull ex-wife. Screw them for pushing their trailer trash drama unto us. Actually they didn't push it onto us. We demand it. Yeah. Screw the bloggers who blog about it...oh wait...

I'm not what you call uppidy people call smart.

"The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff." - Britney Spears

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