Nov 30, 2006

The scramble for the television.

My lunch hour falls in the same time as our janitors. I normally enjoy watching Hardball during this time; however the janitors have different tastes. When midnight rolls around I usually dash to the breakroom hoping to grasp the remote and revel in my power to watch the show of my choice, but after a few times the janitors caught on to me. They now get there early and take command of the clicker. Now if I sit in the breakroom and eat my soup I get a dose of the most insane shows.

Today the Ukrainian janitors watched 'Beauty and the Geek season 2' which is a reality television program. The premise is that the producers pair up some really smart geeky guys with some really hot dumb girls and give them challenges. The winners of the challenges send two teams to the elimination round where the couples have to answer questions about each other's respective interest.

It's really not that bad of a show and at least it's got good eye candy, but seriously the women they picked were about as politically aware as tree sloth. During one challenge a girl was presented a picture of John Kerry and asked who he was. She had absolutely no idea. Now you don't have to be a political animal to know this man. Then again this is America. Probably more Canadians know who the Secretary of State is than Americans.

The same woman's response to how she would solve global warming was to cease production of gaseous foods. It's amazing she has the brain capacity to operate basic motor skills.

You know you're getting older when a girl's intelligence really starts to determine how attractive they are.

I hate the Ukrainian janitors now.

"I'm just a computer geek and a homebody." - Cindy Margolis


Mattbear said...

You hurt my brain with that YouTube video. Those girls have to be acting. God, please let them be acting.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this show on my snow days off and let me tell you.. the first set of geeks actually had a few attractive and pretty cool men. Now I, for one love geeks so it doesn't take much, but yeah the second season, they went WAAAAY overboard on the dumb womenn and uber geeky men. BY the WAY Matty, OF COURSE they are acting! It is, REALITY TV and all. I still find it amusing when I am broke and bored.

And Erik, I have a really hard time believing you would deal with a stupid women for more than a few minutes...or maybe hours depending on how hot she was on if she could keep her mouth shut.