Nov 3, 2006

A vampire I will no longer be.

So I've made a decision to finally go back to working the days. No longer will my nights be spent at a cubicle. Instead I'll be too occupied drinking heavily, having pillow fights with hot supermodels, stampeding cattle, and bailing myself out of jail. Actually that's not really the truth since I can't afford bail.

About once every few months my coworkers go through a schedule change where we get to choose the shifts we want and our manager assigns them accordingly. Since we're a service delivery model we must have coverage 24x7. After long thought and a discussion with my manager I decided that it would be better for me personally and professionally if I go back to days.

This won't happen for quite some time; however there are things that I'll miss dearly about working nights. Listed below is a few:

Privacy - There's almost no one in the building at nights so really I could take off my pants and none would be the wiser. Not that I would do that mind you. I swear I'm not typing this naked.

Stress - Given the low volumes during the evenings stress is not much of a factor. Plus there's less politics when you're only working with one other person.

Guy talk - Everyone who works nights is male and yes we do engage in loud man talk. We discuss in all manners of language that can be foul topics that shouldn't be spoken in polite company.

Farts - When you're virtually alone you don't really have to be polite. Now I'll have to excuse myself whenever I'm having a particularly gassy day instead of letting em rip in my cube.

Pay - My company pays me ten percent more to work nights. Not that I need the money, but I will miss it.

Temptation to spend more - When you work days you find yourself going out to lunch and/or happy hour. In the land of graveyards that isn't the case. If you don't bring your lunch you don't eat and happy hour is not that fun at seven in the morning.

There are many other reasons I'll miss working nights; however I think the change will be good for me. The real reason behind it all is I'm starting to notice how much time is spent at work when it could be better spent with friends and family. After the passing of my friend Kevin I truly understand how important that time can be.

"I have never met a vampire personally, but I don't know what might happen tomorrow." - Bela Lugosi


rawbean said...

Sounds like a good decision. Your girlfriend will appreciate it I think.

Good point about the money temptations, I have been eating out everyday just because I have to right now. Soon, soon I can bring my lunch!

Mattbear said...

Oh man...the apocalypse must surely be coming. Fire and brimstone type stuff. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.

I do miss working was the only time I got a decent amount of sleep since I'm nocturnal by nature. But I can definitely relate to your decision. Be good to see you around again.

elizab said...

YAY!! I miss yoU!! I miss gy sometimes too, lol

Big Ben said...

I worked an afternoon shift one summer, I hated it. 8-4 is the bomb! No one says 'the bomb' anymore.