Nov 1, 2006

Makes me proud.

I've been browsing many sites tonight looking at clever costumes people posted. While most of them are your standard 'Halloween has really brought out my inner whore' there are a few that have made me laugh.

Don't get me wrong I'm very happy that we have a holiday that gives women an excuse to don themselves in outfits that would get them arrested 30 years ago, but still if you've seen one hot girl wearing a Wonder Woman outfit you've seen them all. Wait did I just type that?

Still the one costume that really grabbed me didn't even feature a hot girl. In fact it was in tribute to a television show I held dear in my youth. Seeing this couple dress up as two of my favorite characters almost brought a tear to my eye. If you don't get somewhat emotional viewing the picture below you have a cold black heart, or maybe a life. I shouldn't have to explain who they are.

And yes I did have to include a pic of Alyssa Milano in costume. Why? Cause this is my blog damnit and any day paying tribute to her is a good day indeed.

"Because Kevin was such an affable guy, many people feel close to him. So, when they approach me, people feel like they're being reunited with an old pal-with all the warmth and nostalgia one would have with a true friend. I'd much prefer that to having people not like me right off the bat." - Fred Savage


Mattbear said...

I didn't get it until I read the Fred Savage quote...but I never watched that show.

Scott said...

Nice call... thanks for the Alyssa pic too.


elizab said...

what show?? Who is it? gahhh!! Apparently I have a life

Mattbear said...

No, you just grew up in Oregon, with no TV to provide you these vital cultural touchstones.

That would be "Wonder Years".